Do I have Ataxia?

Since I was a child, I would get dizzy episodes that would last 5-7 days. They came about every 2 months. During that period of the 7 days the worseness would peak. So on the third day was worse. The onset would only start after a deep sleep. So I knew it was coming after I woke up. I do have tinnitus and a genetic disorder called MTHFR (I don’t think its related).

During these episodes, If I’m left alone and am still, I am just sick (nauseous). If I walk around or if someone is around (social disorder almost) I will get extremely dizzy and throw up.

I have found that migraine meds don’t work, but xanax does.

I am 32 now and only get about 3 episodes a year now and they are not as bad as they used to be.

I don’t know of any family that had ataxia. Foods do seem to trigger the episode (nitrates and sugar).

I know stress does for sure. I have had many MRI’s, nothing too abnormal, but they say my cerebellum does dip down toward my spine lower than most (like being dehydrated or in high altitudes).

Does this sound like ataxia?