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Hi all
I have not posted on here in several years . I have some form of ataxia due to a crash in 2011 where i suffered upper spinal cord damage , C-1 down to C-5 . Thank you drunk driver .
So , I have been through about 3 GP since then . None of them listen to what I say . I tell them my symptoms and they all initially say they can help but then I just become another number in the system . When I voice my concerns I get the standard line " I would like to help you but I have no experience with this , if you would like to seek another opinion be my guest " . So I do , why stay with someone who tells me they can not help me . And pay them for it .

I am on the hunt for a new GP again . They can obviously see my symptoms and I tell them all about it in the questionnaires but apparently this does not register, I get it that they have to see 5 patients an hour to make a big profit , but this does not help me at all .

is there a type of specialist i should be seeing or is there some key word or statement that I should be bringing up .

A neurologist specializing in movement would be a good place to start. My GP is sympathetic but has no clue about Ataxia. In the meantime, physical therapy or exercise in general is a good medicine.

:slightly_smiling_face:Hi Searcher, it sounds as though your ataxia is Acquired, generally speaking there isn’t a lot of information devoted to Acquired but, it’s likely that you will be challenged by similar ataxia symptoms as the rest of us, as well as coping with your original injury. Generally speaking, GPs aren’t the best people to talk to about ataxia, of course they have information at their fingertips via the Internet, but they don’t seem to understand the actual condition. They may not be aware that there are several medications available known to alleviate certain symptoms, or, that medications for one symptom may actually also help something totally different.
It could be worthwhile asking for a referral to an Ataxia Centre, or at least a Neurologist who specialises in ataxia. You can find links on…type Neurologists in the search box. :slightly_smiling_face: xB

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