Episode ataxia 2

I have epileptic ataxia 2 and I have been reading about others and find it hlpful to know that some of my problems I have been having is due to my ataxia and others can understand me I’m not alone anymore

My name start am dealing with ataxia 2 as well. Living with ataxia really helpful. I know longer feel alone as well. Reading new helpful ideas of others. How to deal with ataxia . Am so grateful I have a community I can reach out to. We all can share and help one another. Awesome :clap:t5:

Although my diagnosis remains as Idiopathic, I have begun to wonder if Episodic might be more ‘on the mark’ :thinking:

I began to realise there was a pattern of sorts. To me, basic ataxia symptoms would be there 24/7, but there would always be a period of time when I felt decidedly worse, and was virtually confined to a sofa :woman_facepalming: Then for whatever reason, the light would come on again, and I was back to being the ‘new me’ for an undefined period of time :thinking:

My Neurologist acted on this, and requested specific testing. It seems I test negative for current types of Episodic Ataxia, and there are several. But, I remain convinced that I have a link, however tenuous :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Hi. Do you mean ataxia with epilepsy? My daughter has cerebellum atrophy and she it’s epilepsy seizures also started…

It is documented that some types of ataxia are linked to Epilepsy. :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Yes, I’ve read about it… about sca2 type… let’s see… sca2 with children it’s only 20 cases documented in the world… would be strange to be 21st