Feeling paranoid?

Paranoia can take many forms, and is often seen as a response to the particular life stresses of an individual.
You may feel isolated and unable to depend upon or trust anyone else.
You might feel suspicious of other people's actions and motivations, that everyone has a hidden agenda concerning you.
As an ataxic person, you might feel judged.
The first step towards recovery is usually to recognise that there is a problem and to seek help.
However, people experiencing paranoia often fail to recognise that they have a problem that can be treated.
If this is the case, friends or family may have a role in encouraging the person to seek help. The first point of contact would usually be a GP who may be able to prescribe drug treatment, or refer the person to a psychiatrist or psychologist for more intensive treatment.
These are some of the things I have read and I wonder if I do actually need treatment!!
I hate to go out alone, although if I make the supreme effort to do so, I am fine once outside. However, I get very anxious in wide open spaces or crowded places.
When I don't go out, especially in nice weather, I feel guilty and cant relax.
If people don't speak to me, I feel hurt and if they do, I often feel suspicious, especially in groups.
When people are really kind to me, I cry.
I often say hurtful things because I feel defensive.
I am happiest on here ... what do you think?

thanks John..

Patsy, I don't think you're paranoid, you're just human coping with a condition.

I would bet everybody on this site has had these feelings at one time or another,

I know I have for one. Certain situations/places make me anxious, I think it's

just par for the course and make adjustments where necessary. This unusually

hot weather isn't a help either, it can make you easily dehydrated and disorientated.

This site is a comfort, it's much easier to open up to people who are going through

the same problems, who don't judge you, and who especially won't be nice to you

just because they don't know how else to deal with the condition. xB

Well, Miss Patsy, sit down on my couch and I will psychoanalyze you :slight_smile:
But keep in mind that I have no degree in psychology, psychiatry or even medicine… So my opinion is only intended as my non professional opinion.
Now that I have made myself clear( did I ?) here is what I think.
I have been reading your posts whenever you write one and you sound to me like a person very sound of mind.
I think that suffering from a rare disorder naturally brings anxiety and affects our behavior. What you have is more what is called social anxiety, yours being brought on by the fact that people who have ataxia attract attention because they “walk funny, speak funny” etc… I bet that before you had ataxia you felt comfortable around people and even in a crowd. Being the center of attention for ataxians is uncomfortable, no doubt.

You are a very caring and sensitive person, and of course you are hurt if you seem to be ignored. However, you must understand that those who ignore you probably do not know what to tell you, besides the usual small talks about the weather or whatever… They are not really ignoring you. Their own inadequacy is making them uncomfortable, not you.
You can only find solace in people who are going through the same ordeal because we understand each other. That’s why you are happy reading my silly babbling :wink:
I have run out of wisdom for now, but will leave you with this advice: keep your head up, Patsy, you are just fine the way you are. Don’t become a hermit. And keep giving us good advice. You are one of the pillars of this forum. Take care.

PS my fees are $ 150 per half hour :0) sorry, this is the going rate nowadays…
Make checks payable to Cicina, the mad psychiatrist…

Thanks B .. I felt the need to google it [although I don't actually use google, I use everyclick to fund raise for Ataxia UK] as that in itself seems therapeutic [or even more neurotic!]


Although we raised £130 on Saturday, I felt betrayed by those whose didn't pull their weight and exhaustion doesn't really describe my feelings.. my nerves were in tatters .. I felt like I needed a fix.. of adrenaline that is.

I hasten to add that my grandchildren Ella 9, Evie 7 and Finlay three were great .. they kept my spirits up and the adrenaline flowing.

P x

Cicina.. you made me cry then laugh so worth every penny.. you summed me up perfectly. Bless you. Not sure I can avoid hiding but will always be on here. Thank you.

P x

You are very welcome. Glad it was money well spent! :slight_smile: I knew I should have been a psychiatrist!

or a comedienne LOL

This is more what my mother used to say and still says…:slight_smile: keep laughing, Patsy! This is really the best remedy for any ailment.

Patsy it was worth you posting the question if only to read Cicina's reply!

I was waiting for her comment, she's always on the ball.xB

LOL.. yep definitely the best medicine. I thought I had lost my sense of humour but it's still there!!

P x

me too. lol

I used to be able to make myself up to look nice. In the 1950's, 60's and 70's you could do that. You didn't need to be naturally pretty as the fashions were so flattering but now.. being 70 doesn't help either LOL.

It was fun going out feeling like you looked nice.

Although, when I come to think of it, the reluctance to go out began a few years before my diagnosis, when I started having falls.

Thanks Aida xx

Gee Patsy. Me to. I wonder what others are saying about me especially at a store. It gets even worse when someone calls in to the police stating a drunk man just got into a car and you get pulled over 2 blocks away. When you pass all the tests, they still dont believe you.

Worst thing is I am clean, shaven, trim and some might say a good catch. but ataxic. Really hard to explain to others. They just do not get it.

I guess the word is agoraphobic or fear of public. well xxxx them all and keep on going. Im trying zoloft presently.

regards, steve

thanks Steve.. I think it's called Social Anxiety on the websites

Take care, Patsy

i was hoping i didnt use fear of spiders............another phobia

You dont need flattering fashions or make up, you look lovely and pretty just the way you are. Much love.xxxx

LOL.. yep lots of phobias with strange names .. my fear is just irrational .. I feel scared of nothing

Aw.. how sweet Gail.. xxx