Hi I am piglet

Hi I am piglet! I have sca 3. Diagnosed about 4 years ago. Been out of work for 3 1/2 years. On disability. I feel like a burden and useless…

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I feel exactly the same way. I used to be so independent but since my diagnosis of sca7 last year I’ve had to rely on a lot of people. …even strangers.

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Yes. Strangers at first and now my family and friends. Thanks for replying , now I know there is at least 2 people who are feeling this way!

Hi piglet, now you know there are 3😉
I was diagnosed with Idiopathic SCA in 2011 but had been coping with disorientating symtoms since the 1990s.

Work, and social situations became difficult to manage, so I had to ‘retire’ in my 50s.

Good days are a bolt out of the blue but so welcome😊 If you feel you can, log onto www.ataxia.org and click on Support Groups​:slightly_smiling_face: Even speaking to a fellow ataxian on the phone can be a revelation :blush:xB

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I have ataxia type 7.Have been dealing with symptoms since 1989.But 3years ago in my earlier 50s had to stop working.Life sometimes throws us curve balls.But I believe the Lord has a Devine purpose for everyone.We just have to keep looking to him for strength each day.And rely on him to help us when we can’t do anything else.He has you in the palm of his hand when you are his child.And will always be there your never alone.You are important to him.I know I have daily struggles myself.And have felt the same way.But don’t give up.Keep trying and realize your not alone.Earlene

Thank you for encouraging me. I will try going on line. It is a lot of work.

Thank you for the reminder. Yes I am a Christian!

Your welcome I will remember you in prayer :pray: hang in there

Hi piglet o also have sca3 and used to be a fireman. So I completely understand the independence thing. Plus my wife just left me after 26 years and now have pretty much nobody sop keep your head up

We must redirect our interests and stay involved. Keep moving. Minimal exercises can be very beneficial. None of us are useless. We must find ourselves again.

I am so sorry about your wife. That sucks! That is one of my biggest fears!

Yep get up and just keep going!

I have also been out of work since July 2003. I am also on disability and was the household bread winner. I felt like a burden at first. After I went on Zoloft and siminet I felt much better.


My fathers second wife left him also when his sca3 got bad. It was his children taking care of him. Then I was diagnosed about 6years after he passed. I am the oldest of 5.


Sorry Keri. My father’s wife at the time put him in a nursing home, where he died. Unfortunately I don’t have kids. Or fortunate that I didn’t pass this Crap to them.

Ho Piglet. I am kind of new to the site although I signed a while back. I was diagnosed with MSA last year and right now am dealing with instability and voice issues. I have no pain. I am 60 with 2 kids and 3 grandchildren. I watch my 18-month old grandson twice a werk for now Love gardening and photography. Crossstitching is out the door. I served for 20 years and was very active. I am slowly getting there, adjusting to this new lifestyle. Like they said we do have a purpose at any given time. Just do your best.!! Smile!!