How Recover From atoxia

I am from Pakistan. My daughter age is 14 yr and doctors declared that she is suffring in atoxia as his body is disforming day by day and now she in unable to walk or stand on her feet. Is there any medicine for this disease ?

Hi Maijid :slightly_smiling_face:
Sadly there is no cure for ataxia, we all hope for one soon.

But, there are medications to help with symptoms. See and click on FACT SHEETS.

You may find help at > about-_us

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as said by Beryl - There is NO cure for this “Life - Limiting” rare disease although there is research constantly going on to find one.

You are in very good company, as you will get good advice from other people with this condition
"Patient helping Patients"

Thanks you all for reply and prays please if there is any hope then share information with on ■■■■