I had a Nerologist apt on Thrusday 11/21/13 for an update on my ataxia!

Hi Bill, I am soo glad you cut out refined sugars and it's helping you! The medical community is now stating the facts about how bad refined sugars are for the brain and our bodies! Good for you! And thank you for your encouragement too.

Buffalo Bill said:


Congrats on your excellent progress. I really admire your self control and drive to be the best that you can be. Your words since I joined the group last year have inspired me; as well as the support of others in this valuable group. It can all be so very daunting watching our diets; exercising. I have benefited from your advice to cut out the refined sugars. It really does help keep the ataxia in check. That along with my strict gluten/soy free diet. One day at a time is the only way to get by.



Hi Barbra, my take on seeing any Dr. is they are there to help guide us though this process. Blend there thoughts with your own. :0)

Barbara Andrews said:

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story! I love your attitude. I receive my diagnosis next month. I will remember your strength and focus, either way! Best wishes to you, Jeannie!

Hi Alan, Yes hope to see you in LV too! I'll make that happen this March. I love LV! It's like an adult Disney land >hahahahahaha :0)

Alan Thomas said:


hope to meet you again in Las Vegas, National Ataxia Foundation conference


I've just had the pleasure of watching the gluten E-Summit with 29 world experts. With the normal gluten tests they only test one peptide of gluten when in fact there are 10 different peptides people could react to.

According to Dr Fasano, not one human being on this planet can actually digest gluten!! Some people can 'tolerate' gluten whereas others of us have major problems with it. It all depends on genetics, gluten consumption and whether the intestinal barrier is permeable.


I am on a gluten free diet and vegan except today I eat turkey. I am doing cranial osteopathy ,qigong, weight machines ,feldenkrais, tibetan medicine,and 3 hors of yoga daily. It all works, Please write if you live in SF + nI would like to get together

Yes he gets us and if we follow his lead it really helps us big time!

Barbara Andrews said:

Dr. Clouse is an ATAXIAN!!!

Congratulations on your efforts. Thank you for sharing your diet. I would be interested in hearing more about the diet and the group mentioned below. I take D3, CoQ10, multi but not in those quantities. I stopped taking my coconut oil and flax but will start again. Have been gluten free for 6 years but will now take a closer look at starches and cheeses.

Keep up the good work and thanks for motivating me to start again.

Thank you! I thought that I'd share that I learned that it takes up to 2 weeks to get gluten out of your system just by having one bite. Knowing that, it helps keep me from having any. I look at it as poison to my brain, so it's not worth it to me eating any at all. I don't want to start all over again. It took months before I started healing my brain and my body. I know that now because my MRI's showed the most dramatic difference when I stopped refined sugars and all flours the preservatives etc.

Glad this is giving you more motivation too! :0)