Update:I saw my Nerologist today!

Hi all, I have to share this with you. I got a great report from my Neurologist today. He read my MRI that I had taken last month compared and compared it to the last MRI that I took two years ago. No more degeneration of my cerebellum.

I've slowed down on my exercising some because of my brain fog and summer vacations etc., which he said that I really need to step (hahahaha no pun intended) that up like I was doing before and that should help me have less fog and function even better. He ordered Physical Therapy to get me back on track (he's a huge believer in movements and I agree with him).

He asked if I'm still not having refined sugars, alcohol, or Gluten he said that seems to be the trick. Keep it up!" Makes it all totally worth not doing them! I guess I need that check in and accountability! Yea!!!!!

Great work!

I am happy that things are colorful. Any positive change is welcome. Keep it up! My prayers and best wishes.

Brilliant JB you are an inspiration x

You go girl! I am happy for you! :slight_smile:

Report sounds great! I have been on GF for about 3/4 years and feel a difference; a diet of choose. in hopes the ataxia will not worsen, have not been to dr. for about 7 yrs., see no change.

Congratulations on the good report, Jeannie. I would like to slow the outward progression of my disorder. I have hesitiated to go sugar and gluten free because it is too easy to eat what is served at SR. Citizens Center at noon and not have to cook. Also, hubby is taking over cooking chores at home. I also am a firm believer in exercise. Keep the good work!

Great news, any sign of slowing is welcome. Do you have glutin ataxia? How long have you had Ataxia?

Exciting news! Congratulations!

GOOD! I do a lot of stuff, esp. aerobic stuff. I am practicing a very positive walking style, nothing just casual. I think that it is working --somewhat. I also am going to get another mri to compare degeneration. (another thing that I insisted on). We'll see. I have long been "off" refined sugar and white carbs (gluten). I am not strickt about it: just habit from way back. I still drink plain scotch on ice cubes, but I am more moderate now. I have also just ordered a "Drive Nitro rollator". I have tried pushing grocery carts and that worked well, so we'll see.

Great news!

I have been gluten and refined sugar free for years and it has made no difference at all to my ataxia (said as my eyes are rolling in my head..:D), but it has made loads of difference to my general health....:)

That's excellent news, Jeannie! I have been gluten, dairy and sugar free for several months (no processed foods) in hopes that it will make a difference in my ataxia. I don't have Gluten Ataxia, but feel better in over-all health, so that's positive! Keep up the great work, as you are truly an inspiration!!!;o)

Congratulations! It’s good inspiration to hear.

Ray said:

No Ray, I had a blood test that showed that I didn't have an intolerance to Gluten but suggested I go off anyway to make sure I would absorb all my vit and min from the good foods I only eat.
I realize this is NOT a cure but I KNOW it helps the body fight better. I see it's a whole package and life style change! Thanks! :0)
Great news, any sign of slowing is welcome. Do you have glutin ataxia? How long have you had Ataxia?

Thanks everyone for your support here! :0)


What lovely news, Jeannie. I'm so glad for you. Thank you for sharing this positive report.

I am going to start gluten, sugar and alcohol free, and hoping to get some improvement.

where do you go to see this wonderful doctor

Good for you! I had an mri done 2 yrs ago like U going to physio and I eat Paleo want mri done but my family Dr won't order one he does not know or care about this condition I will have to get back to see my SP