Insurance company

I have sca2 and bupa my insurance company has suddenly decided not to approve any claims as what I have is hereditary and they do not cover it. Is it definitely hereditary ? How can I fight this. When I joined bupa 10 years ago I did not have sca2


All of the SCA’'s are hereditary as far as I know.


Fight the insurance company, do not let them get away from paying for your claims. Write to the department of insurance in your state

Dear Mel
Don’t take no for an answer ! Fight them !!!

I was insured by various companies through my husband's employer over a period of years leading up to my diagnosis.

They were quite happy to pay for tests but as soon as I had a diagnosis they would no longer cover anything ataxia related because it is a chronic condition.

I am no longer insured because my husband retired. We did consider it but decided it would be a waste of money because of other pre-existing conditions.

All insurers are different, so don't give up.