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:thinking: Has your Neurologist suggested following a specific ‘diet’ to build your digestive system back up. On there is a recommendation, ‘diet for ataxia’. But this is basic information and applies to most people’s daily requirements. Not everything suits everybody, maybe consider being referred to a Nutritionist :thinking: It could be more beneficial in the long run :slightly_smiling_face: xB

I’m an athelete, and my diet is solid, Neurologist, really, what do they know? You and I are living it.

Nutritionist is a good idea. They think my liver and pancreas are compromised, so I don’t get all the vitamins and minerals. Hence, daily shots. Who knows, my levels are off the chart.? I feel like a lab rat. If you are looking into bikes, I highly recommend this one. I have the men’s version, although maybe I should of gone with female version…the low crossbar is much safer :wink: . Riding is pure joy

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Very nice :+1: But, what I’d actually like, and what would be safe and practical for me, are two entirely different things :wink: Long may you cycle safely :+1::blush:xB

Oh I wish I could ride a bike! I live just a few blocks from the ocean…would love to take a nice ride to the beach :sunglasses:. Oh well, could be a heck of a lot worse! Still walking(sometimes wobbly and light headed) and can still drive my new convertible :heart_eyes:

Convertible, nice! I’m telling u, I can barely walk, but once I’m on my bike, I’m ataxia free. It’s so refreshing to ride. Only thing that gets me up in the morning. :slight_smile:

I hear ya. Rock a trike, but get out there! Freedom :grinning: