It is hard for me to believe but it worked!

The long and short of the story—I have SCA and right now it is affecting my left side the worst. In November, my physical therapist told me he wanted me to try something…… He gave me the names of three different good athletic shoes to try. I went to a good athletic shoe store. The one I went to was Fleet Feet but there are others that special in athletic shoes. They had me walk on a treadmill so they could see how I walked. They measured my foot and we tried on numerous shoes. They also had me get a larger shoe – 8 ½ to 9. (When I walked in the door of the store, I walked with a limp to the left and was about to fall over.) I decided on a pair of Brooks Revenna 5. I could not believe it. They have the support just in the area that I needed it. My left foot tried to go over to the left. After I put these shoes on I could walk……it was a miracle! No more limping on the left foot. I have worn them for 6 months every day. About three weeks ago, I began limping on the left again and even started having to use a rollator. Physical therapist said I needed a new pair of shoes again. Back I go to the shoe store. I walked on treadmill again and tried on two different brands of shoes- The Brooks Revenna 5 and Saucony Guide 7. (When I walked in the door of the store today, I walked with the limp to the left again and was about to fall over again.) When I walked out, I did so without having to hang on to my son’s right arm to keep me from falling to the left! I asked a lot of questions about the shoes. There is something called a post that is made into the shoe, the Brooks also has a cushion built into the heel of the shoe the Saucony doesn’t. Anyway I walked out of the store with both pair. I am so glad I went back. It’s just hard to express my wonder at how this works and helps me. We are all different but I am in hopes my experience might help someone else. It doesn’t cost anything to go in and have them assess you and try on the different shoes….nothing to lose and you might gain help like me! I am Happy, Happy, Happy……

amazing.. thanks for sharing. I was saying to my husband recently that I need more support from my shoes, may be boots.

I google Brooks Revenna and found several online suppliers such as

but where can you have them fitted?

Quite expensive but would be worth it to be able to walk with support.


Okay.. I just found Stockists

If you have athletic type shoe stores that is best bet. Call different ones n see what they can do to help you.

All good. I found the Teva Omnium best for me. I have 3 pairs. I'm gonna try Brooks.

Oh Yeah. Try They have brand name shoes priced down. Free shipping and fast. They have Brooks and I get my tevas about $30+ cheaper.


Glad to hear you got a good pair of shoes which helps you walk.

I ran for many years before my stroke/ataxia and my favorite shoes have always been made by Brooks. They fit my feet better than any other brand. Right now I have the Ghost model. I also got them from Fleet Feet and lucky me, they were on sale. Those shoes do not come cheap. Like many other brands, every year they come up with a new model, usually with very little difference in the shoe itself, often the color, but a big difference in price. Just like cars. The latest models are always more expensive… :frowning:
So if you can try the preceeding year model, in this case the Ravenna 4 or 5, you might save yourself quite a few dollars.
Make sure that you change them before they get too worn out because it will throw you off and it can even cause pain in the back, feet or legs.

Now, go run :slight_smile:

Very happy for you PG. Fleet Feet is one of the best shoe stores I have ever experienced. Very attentive to your needs. I always like how they check your walking style in every pair of shoes. They seem to be very educated.

Well, I found our local Stockists and the assistant was extremely helpful. they did have treadmill but didnt offer use of and I didnt ask. however, I had my rollator with me and he encouraged me to walk around so he could see the effect of each of the 5 different styles he had for me.

I found that although I usually take 6.5 [uk size] or 7, I actually needed 7.5 in these so glad I didnt buy them online.

They cost £100 [US$168.2425] .. cant believe I paid that for shoes but.. good investment me thinks.

A big thank for the suggestion.


250-newshoesMay2014.jpg (211 KB)

PG, Thanks so much for this info about shoes. I called my local stroe and will go in next week. I know this will help and my old sneakers have holes in them so it is perfect timing because I walk a lot on canyon roads.

Patsy do they help u walk better? Mine help me balance better. They cost about $110.00 here in Texas but I don’t care as long as I can walk!!

These r the brooks that I bought…
249-image.jpg (2.52 MB)

These r the Saucony Guide 7 I also bought. These two pair should last me a year.
248-image.jpg (2.81 MB)