Just arrived

Hello everyone… Yesterday I discovered this amazing forum, today I applied to join and was soon cleared by the moderators…thank you.
I would like to thank everyone who posted the positive messages about Ataxia that made me realise my balance, muscle pains, exhaustion after strenuous activity etc were not just my problems, the positive attitudes were really comforting and certainly made me feel less gloomy.
I was diagnosed with Ataxia about two years ago after an internal bleed which did not stop because of the warfarin tablets I take. Soon after my recovery my balance went haywire and now I get the attention of two consultants, however, due to the covid problems I only get telephone appointments. I get around fairly well with a couple of sticks in the house, but outside I use a rollator to give me plenty of exercise… when the covid restrictions ease I intend getting a mobility scooter for longer journeys. On the bright side at 83 yrs of age I have had my Covid vaccination.
Well I reckon I have jibbered long enough, thanks again to all of you who un-knowingly helped with your positive posts.


Welcome to the site. We look forward to your posts.

:slightly_smiling_face:Hi, Welcome,
It’s good to know that despite difficulties with balance you’re still able to get around safely.
I’ve been having telephone appointments for a while now too, hopefully things will at some point get back to normal, and local Ataxia Support Groups will start up again. If you feel like getting in touch with a group, AtaxiaUK are organising Zoom meetings in some areas🙂.
Yesterday I was given the AstraZeneca vaccine, I was apprehensive because of other peoples experiences but so far so good🤞

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Hi Chas…thank you for your welcome to the site.

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Hi Beryl… Thank you for your welcome to the site.
Glad you have had your vaccine, I’m sure that all the vaccines are safe and in good supply.

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Welcome to this amazing site, a lot of good people and so much helpful information. You are not alone.

I’ve started telling anyone who asks that I walk funny because my gyroscope is broken and that it’s genetic. That’s a quick answer that most people understand and saves a lengthy explanation!

Hi Muryb …Thanks for your welcome to the forum. In only a short time here I already feel less isolated with my condition. That is a brilliant idea you have about a gyroscope problem, I’ve got around to just saying I have lost my balance, though not many people ask since I started using a rollator. The awkward thing though is sometimes when I’m standing near the curb edge traffic has stopped to wave me across the road thinking that I was waiting to cross, it made me realise that there are lots of considerate folk about. I must admit I have crossed a couple of times when I really didn’t need to :blush:
Lockdown really started for me last March, I have some very good neighbours in the village who look after our shopping needs in between supermarket deliveries, so I only do doctor and hospital visits…oh and the vets, we have a border collie who gets regular attention. Good job my wife can drive ’ cos my licence was revoked due to my wobbly condition.
Nice to meet you Muryb. Stay safe,