Launch of Wales Raredisease Implementation Plan on Raredisease Day

Today saw the launch of the Wales Raredisease Implementation Plan
(the first nation to do so)
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The event was attended by varios media, ITV, BBC, S4C and broadcast - regionally, UK and Global
ITV news item
Radio broadcast via Radio Cymru, Radio Wales and more
Alan`s Photos from the event
Newspaper coverage by Western Mail and many more

Thank you for your activism, Alan!

Thank you for all that you do.

Thanks Alan and Steve - wish I could have got there - but glad I said no, because I was so tired after London Neuro hospital visit on Thurs. Got up at 5.30am - got home at 10.30pm Was told by Dr. Giunti that I am a carrier of Friderichs Ataxia, this was discovered because Dr. Giunti had passed my DNA etc to another Neuro Consultant who does DNAs etc. It seems it was passed down to me from one parent only - so therefore I have not got it or never will, so it will not affect my Sensory Ataxia. They are now looking at a some more of my DNA.

Cheers for now - Doug. Bristol.

Thanks for the info, Alan! ;o)