My wife has just phoned to say that her friend has been offered the new MS drug on the NHS and says its like winning the lottery. I found out about this drug in one of the news papers when I was on holiday and hope so much that this really is the fantastic breakthrough that everyone with MS was hoping for. It has made my day

Is that Alemtuzumab?

Where’s the link/information on new MS drug?

Wonderful, I'd be really interested to hear how your friend does on these meds keep us posted.

Is the friend a patient of ataxia or ms?

The girl has MS and is a friend of my wife but I don't know her. She is coming off her old meds and waiting to go on to the new drug, so she is not feeling great at the moment. The new drug stops progression of MS and may even reverse symptoms. The drug is called Alemtuzumab. I hope what the Daily Mail reported is true and I will find out more info on how she is doing. I know with MS you can have ataxia but the types of ataxia we are dealing with are very specific, so I don't think it will affect what we are hoping for. I just think any breakthrough in a neurological disease gives me hope. I am a glass half full type of guy

Kudos to your wife"s friend, Punk! ;o)

Its great to hear of other peoples good fortune Rose.