My wonderful assessment

Well I had my assessment on Friday .so one year wait and I go in and my asseser …well she was 17/18 years old wearing scruffy jeans trainers and tatty t shirt.she treated me as was lying the questions well…can you cook…no…why…cos of my condition… Who cooks…my mum…why does you’re mum cook. …um…I can’t cook with my condition…
.do you cook for your mum. …well you get the just how the rest went.I’ve waited this long to be assets by their cleaner.(I see tribunal coming up)

my assesment was done by a tiny dr who didn't speak much English, his conclusion was that I should get rid of my pets as they might give me ashma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its total maddnss .how can these idiots asses anyone.

Fiona Elizabeth Bunce said:

my assesment was done by a tiny dr who didn’t speak much English, his conclusion was that I should get rid of my pets as they might give me ashma!!!

I feel your pain! I've seen so many idiots I wonder how they graduated from medical school!!!

I agree this girl looked to young to even start med school. You could tell she was reading from a script as call centres do.

runner said:

I feel your pain! I’ve seen so many idiots I wonder how they graduated from medical school!!!

I feel somtimes if you don't fit into the mold they don't want to know.

I have read and whistle blowers who worked with atos if they give DWP a report starring your fit for work it saves the government money and atos get a bonus. I read of two nurses told to do assessment when they are not qualified to do.

Marie Turner said:

I feel somtimes if you don’t fit into the mold they don’t want to know.

Dear Anthony, I’m so sorry. These types of things break my heart. Please don’t let this get you down, easier said than done. I am a veteran of ataxia through my wonderful husband, Bruce. He passed away last July because I couldn’t afford prive physical therapy and couldn’t care for him at home anymore. We were told from day one that the most important thing was to stay strong as much as you can. Bruce did that and the disease slowed way way down. He was doing better. Then it became up to the two of us to do the physical therapy and we couldn’t really keep up as much as he was committed to it, I’ve never seen anyone as committed as Bruce. We spent our life savings on stem cell treatments in Tijuana! I was warned by two of the top contributors on this site and when I got that advice I quit being on the site though I knew in my heart they were so right. I just couldn’t face the reality that physical therapy was the answer as well as nutrition. The US medical system let us down completely. Many things went wrong all at once and we lost the battle. Bruce had a catheter and began with UTIs and kidney and bladder stones. His lungs became very compromised and he had aspiration pneumonia and sepsis and because of aspirating food causing pneumonia he had to have a feeding tube. I don’t want this to cause anyone to lose hope or get on a downward spiral. By the way Bruce had cerebellar ataxia. I want to emphasize the importance/urgency of physical therapy/OT and speech therapy. ST helps with swallowing and is also so important. PT just keeps everything moving and keeps you in good shape. For us, everything that could go wrong went wrong. We were in this battle together. We were soulmates and best friends. Bruce and I were together for thirty years. Also remember there are so many kinds of ataxia. I know a man in his eighties who still lives a very productive life and his home is completely adapted to his disability. Many members of his family have ataxia.

Always ask questions, don’t take no for an answer, don’t let people treat you like an idiot. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Most of all NEVER EVER give up! Get on this board and talk to others as often as you need to. Talk to God or some higher power, continue to love life. Much love, Zoey. If you need me please email or use this forum. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Zoey seems to have some good advice.I was diagnosed in July with cerebellar ataxia.And I’ve learned a lot from what people that have went through this .And know with every day that drs may not know everything but with the Lords help you can go through anything .When drs seem to have no answer you have one you can trust to help you.Exercises do help greatly and good nutrition also.God bless you Anthony and will be praying for you.Earlene