NervGen Pharma

El neurólogo de mi hermano ve esto interesante, porque dice, textual, que será bueno para otras enfermedades. Creo que es una buena noticia.
Gracias. ( puedes traducir a ingles el link)ínicos%2C%20el%20fármaco,paradigma%20de%20tratamiento%20completamente%20nuevo”.

My brother’s neurologist finds this interesting, because he says, verbatim, that it will be good for other diseases. I think that is good news.
Thanks. (you can translate the link into English)

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:slightly_smiling_face: This is the subject of Julia’s post…

The Canadian company NervGen Pharma is developing a drug capable of reversing the damage caused by multiple sclerosis and other diseases of the nervous system

After more than three decades of extensive research, NervGen Pharma 's latest drug candidate has the potential to reverse the damage caused by degenerative neurological disease conditions.

This Canadian R&D innovator is developing a new drug candidate, NVG-291, which is intended to treat the type of nervous system damage caused by degenerative conditions , including [multiple sclerosis] Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury, spinal cord, brain injury, stroke, and other central nervous system diseases for which there are currently no effective treatments.

Currently, the degenerative disease of multiple sclerosis has no known cure, and there are few new drug candidates with the potential to “halt,” reverse, or repair the damage it causes.

In preclinical trials, NervGen Pharma’s drug has shown the ability to repair and revitalize damaged nerves and neurons by activating the body’s natural ability to repair itself. NervGen CEO Paul Brennan describes NVG-291 as “an entirely new treatment paradigm.”

GAEM Foundation promotes biomedical innovation to find a cure for multiple sclerosis and improve the lives of more than 55,000 people in Spain. Support their research and awareness work on this disease that has no cure.

30 years of research

The treatment has been developed after more than 30 years of pioneering medical research, whose objective has been to determine the key element to repair damage to the nervous system and restore lost function. The research work was carried out by award-winning American neuroscientist Dr. Jerry Silver, who has now licensed the technology to NervGen.

NervGen says the drug has the potential to address nervous system damage in a variety of debilitating medical indications, whether due to trauma or chronic disease.

This is a marked difference from currently existing MS medications, which focus on addressing underlying symptoms, such as inflammation, in an effort to slow disease progression, but with no ability to restore lost function.

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