New Ben’s Friends Facebook Page for Caregivers

We would like to announce a new Ben’s Friends Facebook group just for Caregivers, the “Caregiver Support Community”: . The mission of the Caregiver Support Community is to provide a place where Caregivers can share their feelings and concerns and support each other emotionally. If you are a Caregiver, please join us by “liking” and “following” this page.

The Caregiver Support Community group is a closed group, which means members’ comments will not be seen publicly but only by other members. In addition, members have to be accepted into the closed group by an administrator.

That is a great idea! Caregivers have a tough job!

I guess we, the patients, better be good or the caregivers are going to say bad things about us to each other . :wink:
So be good everybody! Don’t say I did not warn you!

Thank you! It's about time we had a website for those's not easy.