Omaveloxolone versus Sulforaphane. Anti-oxidants for treatment of ataxias

Alan has previously written about Omav, but I thought an updated look might be worthwhile given that Omav is moving to Phase III, and Vatiquinone (another anti-oxidant) is also moving forward. To me that implies that researchers are seeing a benefit from the category of anti-oxidants in general.

Reata Pharmaceuticals has a marvelous new drug that reduces oxidative stress and helps cells survive. Initially there was concern the drug did not meet it’s primary goal, but closer examination showed there was benefit in some patients so the drug is moving to a Phase III trial: (Quick aside: For the life of me I can not comprehend why researchers opted initially to study patients with severe symptoms. There was no evidence or reason to believe an anti-oxidant could reverse damage. All it could ever have been expected to do was slow progression or mildly improve symptoms in patients early in their disease because it’s helping cells survive NOT repairing damaged cells.)

Omaveloxolone (RTA-408)

As with the drug, Vatiquinone, this drug does not act on the underlying cause of Friedreich’s Ataxia, but rather works by enhancing NrF2. The bad news is that means it’s not a cure, but the good news is it probably could help other neurological disorders including most forms of ataxia. Here’s the rub though, Omav will probably cost a small fortune while at the same time it appears there are excellent NrF2 activators that occur naturally, and they cost almost nothing.

Sulforaphane Clinical Trials

Nootropedia - Sulforaphane

But . . .

as always, is Big Pharma comparing their man made drug to what nature has to offer for free? Why of course not.

I’m not running out and buying Sulforaphane supplements, but I do eat a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables. In the end this just adds one more bit of info that makes me sadder and sadder each day. No one is really on our side trying to find real and affordable answers even though increasing research shows that Mother Nature may have a plethora of good candidates that can help people with ataxia.

Bottom line: Eat broccoli every day or better yet broccoli sprouts; it might help and it sure won’t hurt :smiley: