People with less severe symtoms

Are there people with ataxia with less obvious symptoms, good balance, little unusual gait, etc, If so, how were you diagnosed?.

Has anyone had symptoms get better a little, making quality of life better?

I'm not using can/walker/wheelchair. When I think back I remember always being a "klutz'. When my father was getting ready to retire he went in to the doctor for a physical and they found the imbalance. After checking further they found the hereditary CSA type 2. When he was describing it to me I thought it sounded a lot like me. I was tested and found I was missing the same gene.

My brother and my son don't show any symptoms.

I can't say my ataxia got better, but I went for Physical therapy and occupational therapy. Because of them I am walking/moving better. I was falling about twice a week and now it's about 1-2 x every few months. I would definitely say that PT and OT changed my life. If you decide to do this make sure the physical therapist works with neuro patients not orthopedic. There is a difference.

I don't know how long the PT and OT will work, but for right now, it is.

My husband's symptoms are not very bad. He really has not significantly progressed in 2 years, although he is more off balance now than 2 years prior.

Today he is out deer hunting, so that tells you something about how he is doing. I'll be anxious to hear if he had any falls in the woods.

The thing that has helped him the most is riding his bike. In the summer he rides everyday if possible, and even yesterday went out even though it was only 40 degrees.

Prayer helps too! His symptoms may not be better, but they are not significantly worse. He was diagnosed 4 years ago, and a brain scan showed his cerebellum was smaller than should be. Also his father died of ALS. My husband is diagnosed with familial type 2.

My ataxia isn't too bad - I have some imbalance, but not significant enough to use a cane or rollator full-time. I only use a cane in winter (I live in Ottawa, Canada so ice here gets pretty bad!) or when travelling - more to keep people from pushing into me. My speech isn't too bad as long as I talk slowly and clearly!

I learned about it through Martial Arts - I had lost enough balance to make some thing impossible without assistance and the Sensei training me wanted to know why! She got me on the path to figure it out. Looking back at childhood, I was always a bit clumsy - but neither my parents or I thought anything of it. My ataxia is a symptom of Hereditary Spastic Paralegia that, we found out, my parents are both carriers for.

Getting better - If anything, my symptoms have slowly but steadily progressed making things harder for me, and for those around me.