Possible gluten problem

hi ...iv,e been getting sick for 3 years now and doctors havent been able to find any answers for me ,it started about 3 years ago with leg cramps and sudden short spikes of dizziness and an awful unwell fatigue feeling ,i was sure i had a blood sugar problem and attended many doctors and had 100,s of tests ,all bloods returned within limits and a diabetes specialist could not find anything wrong with me ,iv,e had brain scans ,detailed heart checks ,........almost every day i get vertigo and balance problems this is accompanied with a drain feeling like im greying out and my calves ache ,my vision is effected sometimes when im not concentrating .i find myself in weird posture sometimes as my job involves standing at one spot on a production line and im trying to fight off the balance and leg cramps ....a hearty meal and drink seem to help symptoms ,this is why i suspected blood sugar problems for 2-3 years ,i recently learnt of gluten effecting peoples brains in funny ways without effecting the bowel so im on here searching for some similarities in illnesses hoping to find some answers ...if anyone could tell me what you think i would be very appreciated .thanks Daniel.............................also i get very clumsy sometimes and i seem to develop some tiny red dots on my torso and arms when this first started ,may not be related ..

as far as the vertigo/dizziness goes. i wear motion sickness bands on my wrists. seems to work. for gluten get bloo test from a gastroenterologist. it is easy.he also gives colonoscopies

john c

I have gluten ataxia, had similar symptoms, and am learning how to handle it well. I follow a paleo (grain, sugar, and dairy-free) diet that helps a lot.

Many doctors don't understand gluten, so I would get a gasterinterologist who is wise about gluten.

There is a lot of free information out there about symptoms and diagnoses.

My best link is Dr Peter Osborne:


You may be either gluten-sensitive or celiac. They are very different but have similar symptoms.

Good luck with your research!

I found gluten free seems to help my balance. Magnesium helps leg cramps, I use Mag Glyciinate by Metagenics. Important to use a type that it is highly absorbable. You can find on line. Be sure to drink plenty of water, helps both dizziness and leg cramps and rest. Do you feel rested after a night sleep? Might look into sleep apnea . I have sleep apnea and SCA6. my sleep machine BI Pap really helps.

How long have you had a diagnosis?
I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and it still sucks!!!
We’re all the same on here Ritchie, all going through the same emotions, fear, blame etc. just rant away we will all try to help you get through it. Take care now xx

thanks for all your replies , im un diagnosed im not sure whats wrong with me ,but the off balance ,swaying walk and dizziness, leg cramps etc is why im searching on here .can anyone tell me if they get attacks or had attacks for maybe just 2-3 a day and then it settles down and comes back again the following day ? especially in the morning ,and does anything help an attack like food,drink, tablets ,alcohol etc ...anyway iv,s started a gluten free diet and have much to learn so i guess ill get some result if i do have gluten problems ..my dizziness is sharp and short but often ,almost fall over sometimes and leg cramps ache along with a faint feeling and i think my mind and thinking patterns change before i get an attack which is like clockwork for 2-3 hours every morning about an hour after i get up and then it settles but leaves me feeling drained...once again thanks so much for the replies