Results from Ben's Friends Survey

Hi everyone, you'll recall that a couple of months ago, we asked all the Members of Ben's Friends to fill out a short survey about how Ben's Friends helps you. The survey was put together by a prestigious non profit consulting group called Bridgespan Consulting.

We were thrilled that 1,275 members took the survey. The results are below. For approximately 75% of you, the Ben's Friends Community has a positive impact on your health and how you approach treatment. These numbers are sky high and we couldn't be more proud.

A lot of the credit goes to the volunteer moderators who manage the communities and keep them a positive and productive place. Thank you Moderators!

We have used this data in some Non Profit Grant Applications and the people giving out the grants are super impressed. We plan to run the same survey again next year and we hope to break the 80% level. In the meantime, tell us what we can do to make the communities better and we'll make it happen.

Thanks again to everyone who filled out the survey and to everyone who comes here to make the world a better place for their fellow members.

Scott Orn

Co-Founder of Ben's Friends

Thumbs up! Keep up the good work!

Thanks Scott, for posting the results. Thank you to all the moderators and those who work on Ben’s Friends Community website.

Great work you moderators. If I hadn’t received those first 3 quick, positive, warm welcoming messages I doubt I would have stuck around. Dancermom, Beryl Park, and JC, this means you!

Moderators do make the difference! Thanks to all!

Good to know there are others who like this site as much as I do! Thank you all!