Severe dizziness and vertigo

Hi. I have been in an extended ataxic they think.. for nearly 4 weeks now. Thought I was improving then bang.yesterday the dizziness hit full force, nausea, head spinning stuff. Balance not great either of course.

I'm on Diamox as it is, and sometimes I',m not sure if it's helping or not. I also have a pain/itch sensation in my chest that comes with waves of dizziness.. pretty sure I'm not having a heart attack as it's been going on 4 weeks now! Has ANYONE had this feeling with dizziness? It scares me (which probably makes it worse!)

I've been off work 4 weeks now and am very worried about my job too!


I'm Dizzy and off balance for four years now and has been steadly gotton worse and continues goes 24/7 365...Quit my job after loosing the ends of two fingers on my left hand back in 2009...In my field of work I new I had to because of safety not only to my self, but to others as well....The drugs they gave me at first were all for Motion sickness and depression...They really never gave any real relief....Just a false sense of hope for the doc....that he was on the right track....