Skin problems

Hi Patsy here

Anyone have problems with skin?

I have stasis dermatitis which is a kind of eczema round the ankles and as it is circulation related I wonder if others are affected.

Dr Giunti [London] says it is not ataxia related.

Dermatologist diagnosed it and I asked why I also have eczema on my back, arms and hands.

He explained that the skin is 'one organ' and therefore will often react in other places.

Would be interested to know if others have skin problems.

Take care, Patsy x

Hallo Patsy,i have very dry flaky skin also very swollen ankles at the moment. Ive been putting the dry skin down to the central heating but the odeama in my ankles well thats a new one on me! Lack of movement must contribute to my swollen ankles,is it ataxia related do you know? Havent had any dermatitus problems so can't comment on it,sorry. Sheila.

Get itchy ankles and legswhen it is cold and dry.Drives me mad. Usually happens in the evening.

Mine used to be just ankles but now it's on back of hands [some knuckles] and shoulder blades - I was referred for allergy testing but his secretary got shirty with me when I couldnt attend the three successive weekly appointments due to other commitments. She said if I couldnt make all three - she would have to cancel them - my dermatologist was leaving so she didnt know what would happen - that was months ago so will probably have to go back to GP.

Dermatology did prescribe a spray called 50/50 which was super cold and really soothing - I did get another one from GP but it is not on my repeat prescription so will have to ask for another.

The only other really soothing thing is cucumber wipes which I get in Tesco - then when the itch stops, use emolient which is like vaseline.

It's okay when I am walking around but as soon as I sit down, the itching starts, especially in the evening.

They say to put your feet up higher than your heart but ... cant spend long like that!!

I did have course of saturated bandages to put on at night but that didnt so much good.

I am now trying Epsom salts in bath with glycerine and lavender oil. Hey ho....


Hi patsy, I dont have skin problems but occassionaly get itchy ankles or dry patches on knees which I put down to me prefering to kneel or use knees getting up from floor. I was trained by physios as kid to climb stairs on fours as safety thing and shuffle down stairs on bottom. Unorthodox I know but has left me with dry skin on knees. When had a very bad skin reaction to something unknown back in november I went to gp as i`d scratched so bad i smothered my bed in blood. Unconsciously i might add woke up petrified to see my skin in strange rash all over. They prescribed me Dermol cream , dermol emoliant and eurax. Eurax sooths good if put in fridge. Love the dermol cream as takes dryness away usually prescribed for eczema or dermititus. I’ve been using it on my recently cold chapped nose one dose took awaymy horrible flakes and can use as often as required. My mum suffers badly with eczema and love the dermol range too can even use the cream as a wash though has no smell but great if smother on and leave for few minutes then rinse.

I’m not an expert but could the itching be from daily activities possibly y our body pushing more blood around through constant moving, then in evening as unwind body cooling down almost like an athlete our bodies dobuse tons more energy than a non ataxian. Wish could type this nicely without people going urgh. Body cooling from warmth of extra energy we use i.e unoticable amount of sweat from extra body excercise. I’m not a sweaty person even in summer but areas that i suffer with extra muscle shakes and controling them are usually a lot warmer. ankles neck forarms. My other have notices when we share a bed he comments during day im warm at night feet and hands are like ice when truly resting. Hope that made sense. Good luck patsy hope it eases up!

thanks Emm - that all sounds exactly right - I changed my GP as I thought they were rubbish but now this new one wont prescribe dermol - they give me Epaderm which is cheaper.

I told my dermatologist [now left our hospital] and he said I could always buy it in the chemist.

Yes, I do have hot body when I sit down and cold hands and feet.

Eurax sounds good - going to buy that tomorrow. Thanks again.

Patsy :)

Hello Patsy

I have serious skin issues but have learnt what controls it. Hopefully if I tell you what I do, some might help you.

I have contact dermatitis and have skin allergies to most things including plasters, some labels, any jewellery with nickel in and most of the garden, especially ivy, potato plants and raspberry leaves. I take antihistamine whenever I know there might be a problem. I take the 8hr Benadryl. If you do this you can sort most things before they start.

About 5 years ago my gynaecologist said all his ladies on HRT were getting dry skin. (I had a total hysterectomy in 1998). He recommended I get Cetraben Emollient Cream - it is BRILLIANT. I get it from the doctors on prescription because it is a bit expensive.It comes in a pump, so is very easy to use. After my bath in the morning, I just towel dry and then literally cover myself in cream. I get Ian to do my back. I then sit on the bed on a towel and air dry. It only takes 5 minutes. Very quickly my skin became lovely and smooth. Any problem areas I put another layer or two on during the day. It is all about keeping your skin in good condition to try and stop problems starting.

Hope it works for you too.

Love Lit X

Thanks Lit - my primary condition has been diagnosed as stasis dermatitis but I seem to have secondary condition of contact eczema. I like your idea of air drying - I usually use back brush with towelling sock on it to do my back.

I phoned dermatology today and they have booked me in for allergy testing week after next - just as well I phoned them as I wasnt down an appointment - my dermatologist has left!

Meanwhile my I called into GP pharmacy and she is getting me another aerosol spray of 50/50 emollient. That can be used at any angle and really cooling.

Antihistamines dont seem to work for me - I can stand pain but itching is like torture. :(

Thanks again - much appreciated.

Patsy x