Sleep - too much

I have found myself sleeping or napping a good part of the day. I do not have the strength I once had. I have also nodded off driveing but, tha seems to have gone away. I know a lot of us have these episodes but, any one have a way avoid it.

I drink diet coke , that gives a kick, but I only have a couple of cans which starves off fatigue for a while

Hi Ran,

Same symptoms and looking for a way to manage it. I drink coffee but not diet/regular coke

Ugh, nothing to do with this discussion but I'm baking and couldn't understand why something

I do regularly wasn't done. Eventually the penny dropped, I only had the setting on grill/broil!!!

Actually, I suppose this is the result of tiredness!

I think there is a difference between fatigue and drowsiness.

I dont know the answer to dealing with drowsiness, except of course not to drive but fatigue can be managed by pacing yourself.

I would think that fatigue is caused by coping with ataxia symptoms but drowsiness more likely to be caused by medication.



exercise helps me a GREAT deal with fatigue and there are MANY other good side effects also - take it leave it, just an idea that WORKS wonders for many. Make it GREAT day - it is a choice we can make.

Hi Ran I have this problem and it's getting worse Don qwai and coq10 or a good multi vitamins supplement love and hugs

I find exercise helps a great deal.

Still confused about caffeine - I understood that we must try to live healthy lifestyle and that means no caffeine.

I do have caffeine mid morning but just the one mugfull.


Hi Ran,

Have you thought about sleep apnea? Not sleeping well at night will cause fatigue and drowsiness during the day.
When you have sleep apnea, your sleep can be interrupted dozens of times ( some people, hundreds even! ) and not be aware of it. I am talking by experience… Ask your wife if you snore or hold your breath when you sleep. She’ll know:-)

Before you take anything, find the cause of the problem, or at least ask your pharmacist about possible interference between your regular medicine and over the counter ones.

My wife tells me I physically move when I am in bed she says I turn over in my sleep

I don't have problems of drowsiness (I drink medicine to sleep) but I have fadigue

Hi - I get fatigued as well. Stress and multiple things going on at the same time seem to help zap my energy, so I try to manage and deal with those things to minimize stress. Two things that seem to give a boost are: exercise (even minimal in the morning and evening to get the blood moving) Nd Vitamin B-12or B-complex.

Instead of trying to fight my fatigue, I try to listen to my body and give it rest if it needs it. If the two mentioned above don’t do the trick with 1-2 cups of coffee and I’m acting WAY out of my norm, I know that I need a nap.

I sleep a ton too and have wondered: wouldn't it be nice to know if we are requiring so much sleep because we are getting worse or if giving in to our sleep is making our Ataxia worse. Chicken and egg sort of thing. I am so fortunate to know (my dad proceeded me bless his soul) that all Ataxians require a lot of sleep so I let myself sleep.

After my disasterous baking session this morning I realised that fatigue had got the better of me.

I slept for 3hrs. Better luck tomorrow!

Goodness Beryl - you certainly needed that - I usually nap for 10 minutes. I hope you feel much better tomorrow although I do find that disastrous 'sessions' can give way to depression - this of course leads to even more tiredness.

Chin up and best foot forward :)


I agree with the comments others have made. I drink a glass of ice tea almost every afternoon, although, as Patsy said, caffeine is not necessarily good for ataxia. I also exercise for strength and balance and walk on my treadmill. That helps give me more energy. Several months ago on started taking B-12 vitamin daily, although never take anything without consulting with you doctor first! Also, as Cincina mentioned, sleep apnea can cause a boat-load of problems. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea the same time as my diagnosis of ataxia (10 years ago) and have used a C-Pap machine for sleeping since then. I also found out that some people with ataxia suffer from sleep apnea, so you may want to ask your doctor/neurologist about that. I try to get enough rest, exercise and eat as healthy as possible, as all this helps with my fatigue. ;o)

how do they test for sleep apnea, Rose?

Patsy x

I am always drawn to my armchair on a morning, and if I sit in it I can be sound asleep for a couple of hours and when I wake I just sit there translike not wanting to get up. I have to fight the desire of wanting just to remain sitting there and get up and start doing things. I am OK when I have been active for a few minutes and can feel the energy return. Like you, I also feel that I am losing my strength.
As I can’t have caffeine ( because it makes my unirary incontinuance worse) I have devised a programme of exercises starting with floor exercises to strengthen the core muscles and various others. Really, I do find that exercise works for me. I try to get a walk in everyday (with a stick) and I know that I will have fatigue later in the day and that I will sleep then. I know everyone is different and that what works for one may not work for another but give regular exercise a go and see if it works for you. Also avoid foods high in carbs, they make you sluggish. Even if you don’t get a walk in, get the outside air. I won’t let Ataxia get the better of me and try not to give in to it.
Keep strong and don’t give in.

Hi Patsy, I went to the University of Michigan Hospital for a sleep study. They have a sleep lab there. I had my own room with a bed and bathroom, like a hospital room. They hook leads on your head. (doesn't hurt at all), as it measures brain waves while you sleep overnight. You go to sleep and the staff monitor your sleeping from outside your room (there's a camera in the sealing). Halfway through the night, a staff person comes in to your room a puts a C-Pap mask on you. You go back to sleep with it, still being monitored. I've had two sleep studies, one when diagnosed and one five years later. I found out I stopped breathing 60 some times per hour. When you have sleep apnea you never reach REM (deep) sleep and are always tired. Who knew, as I had no idea this was happening. Sleep Apnea can cause heart problems, high blood pressure and strokes, just to name a few serious health problems, due to oxygen deprivation to the brain. Until I was diagnosed, I had no idea why I was so tired all the time. I also woke up every morning with a dull headache, although sleep apnea can manifest itself in different ways. Hope that helps..., ;o)

I felt tired when I had depression.I think my mind just went round and round looking for non existent solutions.

My miind is not tired now butI think the body is just worn out and definitely weaker.