Steroid Injections

I had a rear end shunt in a car and after many months of legal wrangling a specialist has said that he recommends me having 2 steroid injections in my left shoulder.

I have cerebellar ataxia of unknown cause and wondered if I should go ahead with these injections or if there are any side effects that might cause my ataxia to progress further than normal. Does anyone out there have any knowledge on this matter?

Hello Baaartman,

I have non progressive ataxia. Last year, I had two steroids injections for a rotator cuff injury. They did not affect my ataxia one way or the other.
Google “steroids for ataxia” and you will see that steroids are use in a certain type of ataxia.
Ask your neuro’s advice.

Hope your shoulder heals fast. Those injuries are painful! Physical therapy helps a lot.
Take care - Best wishes.