Thoughts for our Carers

I am an ataxia sufferer but like many on this site,had/have to care for someone physically disabled.We must be careful how we communicate.For example many of us have specch difficulties,myself included and when venting frustrations it may be interpreted as something to be fixed. This could lead to all sorts of misunderstandings with carers/relatives/kindly neighbours/friendsetc especially when you add emotions to the mix.

That's very thoughtful of you to think about our carers.Yes we often cry over spilt milk because the Ataxia hinders greatly our perspective and ability to do basic simple chores..I'm gonna give my carers a hug right now..Thanks,Marie.


My ataxia is "mild" but there are speech problems. In making myself understood I am advised by speech therapist to speak louder and slower to make myself clearer and heard. A number of people (tradesmen have commented to me "I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of you" and my husband comments that I sound aggressive and angry on the telephone . (but thankfully not drunk!!). I agree with you, we must be careful how we communicate but it seems a catch 22 situation, either sound drunken or sound aggressive.