I'm sorry I don't have answers, Searcher, but I wish you the best and hope that your docs come up with something that can help you. I hope our members will have some good ideas for you, too.

Have you been diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia? I have and have some of your symptoms, especially the cough, the choking, needing to blow my nose. my imbalance is getting worse, and I hate to think of the future with a wheelchair. my energy lever is ve ry low too. I can only do one thing a day, and I'm tired for two days after that. My neuro isn't much help with any suggestions.

Take it easy, trying some allergy medidcation and see if your nose clears up. I llive on throat losenges, so maybe those would help with your cough. Good luck!

Dear Searcher, I have Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (idiopathic/unknown cause) and have various symptoms 24/7, although my MRI shows atrophy of my cerebellum. Yes, my symptoms are progressing, and like you I have problems with speech, plugged nose, coughing/choking, vision, etc. I chew sugarless gum for coughing fits, seems to help. I drink liquids and eat very slowly (I tuck chin down towards chest when drinking and take small sips) I also use reading glasses when on my laptop, as vision gets worse as eyes get tired. I get tired easily and need to rest frequently. I hope you figure out what's going on! My best to you...,;o)

My symptoms seem to be getting worse, but no where as bad as you describe, Searcher. Lately I can tell eating is more difficult, as in using utinsels and small motor skills are definitely slipping fast. Talked w/doc (PCP) about choking recently. She thinks it will come to decision about using a feeding tube. Has anyone been faced w/that decision? Hubby tells me to "speak up". He doesn't realize sometime what an effort it is just to get the words out at all. Partly it is his hearing--not a good combination, his hearing loss and my poor, low volume speech. Good luck, Searcher.

I feel very sorry for you. I have some but not all of your problems, and certainly not as severe. I have the constant cough thing and I find that Delsyn cough syrup works well, especially at night . I keep it on the night stand. I can't blame the sca for that. My right maxilary sinus stays full and "leaks" to tickle my throat. They don't recomend any operation. Yes, I have difficulty in concentration; I get tired easily; but nothing I can't deal with. I feel for you, but I'm no help except to confirm that yours is not unusual and to suggest a cough syrup.

I have had Cerebellar Ataxia for 8 years now, and I find that keeping very very busy, tryke riding, stretching, healthy diet has me at a standstill with disease, and also I bake every day and sell my baked goods, and still work 1 day a week, which I ride my trryke to work, and it is a 4 mile round trip. I also am a caregiver to my 85 year old homebound Mother, which keeps me on my toes. I take care of 2 households. Some days, I feel like staying home, but, I push myself to go out, and once I do, it is like I used to be with so much energy, mostly because I have to, but mostly because this is not going to take over my life! I wish you well, and I just said this because I am doing everything that I can not to be this way. My heart goes out to you. I think everyone is different, and I know the painstakingly problems that I am going to face alone. I hope that the Neuros can figure this one out for you...Jenny

I have experienced the chocking, especially on water, and slurring of speech ,I go into the hospital every two years for an endoscopy to stretch my esphogus. About the slurring of speech, I found a doctor that knows where the muscles are that control the tongue. i still have balance problems,but this doctor works on my head, where the problems are (the cerebellum). After all, there are veins there that supply the cerebellum. I am confident that I will show improvements. Good luck to you, and i hope that you find a good doctor that understands you and your ataxia.

You must be feeling really frustrated by the fact that you're not getting a real diagnosis. I know I would be.