Volunteers Needed for Freidreich's Ataxia Study in NYC

The Department of Genetic Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College is looking for patients with Friedreich’s Ataxia for a research study to compare and evaluate different tests in assessing the cardiac dysfunction that can occur with the disease. The study involves a single 2-day visit, with an overnight stay.

Who can participate?

  • Age 18-30 years old
  • Have genetic confirmation of diagnosis
  • Capable of completing all study tests and procedures

What are the study tests and procedures?

  • Blood and urine tests
  • Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR)
  • Chest x-ray
  • Echocardiogram (ECHO)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Exercise-stress test
  • Neurological assessment
  • Eye exam with local anesthetic
  • Physical and medical history

If you would like more information, please contact Michelle at (646) ■■■■■■■■ or ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

IRB #1408015429