Works for me

I would like to update on the peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and toes; it have been steadily increasing- it got to a point last year where I couldn’t button my jeans.

Then I bought rox mat from zero shoes. It massages the bottom of the feet. So when I sat on the sofa, I’d massage my feet. I didn’t do it too regimented.

Now I find out that my neuropathy is gone almost and I can’t attribute to anything else than foot massage. Of course I couldn’t do anything else but let u guys know.


Great to hear that it’s working out!

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:slightly_smiling_face: That’s very interesting…and this link backs you up

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That is so true I used to sing and I sang in church every week we had practice so I was always singing. I quit because I was burnt out now I can’t sing at all can’t even sing my grandkids to sleep because it’s jerky.

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Pick up the singing; as you practice you’ll get better. I’m not telling like you can sing as previously but will at least push back slurring etc and that is sufficient! My own experience!

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Time for an update.

It was last winter when I sometimes found my speech slurring.

This is a milder winter. I ramped up my cardio- try to reach avg heart rate 130bpm and sing whenever I can withYoutube about twice a week. Everyday I try to do diaphragmatic breathing. All of these combined effort seems to help.

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