11 Exercises for Ataxia Patients - National Ataxia Foundation

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These exercises are good. Wish they could be done everyday without getting bored.

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Nothing gets boring if it works and helps. But I understand what you’re saying.


Wow! They do get difficult-especially at the end but it’s probably worth persevering!
Do you think we’ll ever be able to do them all?
Happy New Year.

I could not do the standing on one leg (Ex #11) or the opposite arm and leg elevation (Ex # 4 ) I am hoping, in due time, they will be doable.

These are really good, thanks Beryl. Ever helpful. I might add one myself. Stand with your feet together. Impossible? Maybe but do your best and it might improve! Then lift one foot and cross it in front of the other. Impossible? Maybe but do your best and it might improve! Then return to original position and do it the other way. Then repeat both of these two but behind instead of in front. Impossible? Maybe but do your best and it might improve! Of course make sure you’re safe - perhaps in a very small box room or in an outside porch or shed, somewhere so you can’t fall especially backwards unless it’s your bed. Yes I know it’s all impossible, but do your best and you’ll hopefully be able to do a little better tomorrow. Within a year … well the sky’s the limit. Perhaps a TV dancing show!

:thinking: Am I the only one whose knees hurt when trying to get back up?

:woozy_face: That exercise is going to need considerable practice.

Perhaps don’t do it then. You’re not supposed to fall - I did say make sure you’re safe.

:slightly_smiling_face: I don’t fall, I’m just not as ‘bendy’ as I used to be :wink:

I use vertical metal bar on wall for standing exercises (about 4 1/2 feet high. I’m 78 yrs and wheel-chair bound.

:slightly_smiling_face: Whatever works, stay safe. Any movement is exercise :slightly_smiling_face:

I can do some on bed but others with my walker as I don’t stand except to stretch my legs out. I’ve have done most in PT and it really helps with balance and strength.

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