I am not sure if this is related to my ataxia, but I had problems with a 3-D movie. It made me very nauseous and I had to close my eyes as I was totally overwhelmed but then my father who does not to have ataxia also had problems with that 3-D making him not feel well. Does anyone know why 3-D movies do this to us?

Hi Liz-I’m unsure about 3Ds, but I’ve tried a few sub-titled films which really don’t work for me-especially if I’m trying to eat at the same time…I pretty much rock on being focused in on doing one thing at a time/being intentional, and the pause and rewind buttons are now considered two of my besties in these situations.

It's related to motion sickness and the vestibular system which can be affected by ataxia.

The Vestibular system, located within your inner ear, is responsible for maintaining balance. This system constantly sends signals to the neural structures that control your eyes, and also, signals to your muscles. When there's a disconnect between this system vs. what your eyes think they are seeing, you'll start to feel symptoms like nausea, dizziness and general fatigue.

Interestingly some people without ataxia can also get motion sickness from 3D movies.. I haven't watched any but have the Nintendo 3DS XL (bigger screen) and I can't watch that for long. The cut scenes in games that have movie-like cut scenes (such as Zelda) are great but I can't watch them for long or play the game with the 3D feature on as I find it visually confusing.

Thank you so much. That makes a lot of sense and it really helps me understand it better!