Ataxia in media!

Hello all,

As some of you may know, I am a bit of a computer 'geek'. I also like my movies.

Now, I know this forum is more about our real life experiences of living with ataxia and the problems therin - I just thought I'd maybe inject a bit of kind of 'off topic' here!

A while ago, we had a discussion of disability in the movie 'Avatar' but I cannot remember if it was ataxia related.

More recently, I saw ataxia mentioned in a TV show but did not note the name of the show - sorry!

Yesterday though I had to do a 'double take' as it is said.

One of the things I like to do and has been affected by my ataxia is play computer games. I have difficulty with controls now - so I tend to just 'lull about' in game worlds rather than do the more active content. It was while 'lulling about' in a new game that I was, in a way, taken aback.

I have the new 'Skyrim' game and was browsing in an appothecary shop when the apothecary character said '*mumble, mumble* ... ataxia.' WAIT A MINUTE -WHAT WAS THAT?

I hung around in the shop and the apothecary said something like 'looks liek you are undsteady on your feet anf have the shakes' I thought 'that sounds familiar'! I waited further and sure as eggs is eggs the apothecary said 'You look rather pale, could be Ataxia'.

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather! Regardless if the ataxia description was correct or misleading, ataxia was mentioned in a 'blockbuster' game!

I have to say that I was 'made up' by this mention of ataxia in such a big hitting game and had a really positive afternoon after it.

Was just wondering if any of you have any other examples of ataxia being 'casually' mentioned in TV or movies or other media - not news like, just in general.

Wow.. I've no idea what Skyrim is, but sounds similar to the Final Fantasy ones I used to play where your character wanders around vast worlds... I also struggled with them so switched from Playstation to Wii and stuck to games that require really simple motor actions (mainly used for physio - wii fit etc).

I've never seen Ataxia mentioned (on captions) on any of the games I have played, or seen it mentioned in any major films.

no but will 'follow' this - very interesting.

Patsy x

I think I mentioned seeing a cast member of "Avatar" using a wheelchair.

It is very moving when ATAXIA is mentioned anywhere, especially in unexpected circumstances.


Ataxia South Wales

If I see any more mentions of ataxia, I will try to remember to post them. :)