3months of Ataxia changes

My past 3 months have given me a lot to think about. Besides having great support by my wonderful husband have others who are far to busy to spend any time with me. Which for me to come and just visit a short while perks me up. I have found that many have no thoughts of how it feels to be newly handicapped and not able to drive or walk all that well. Your pretty much stranded.
As time goes on I have noticed that my balance has progressed making it impossible to walk without my wheel walker at all times. I now have a problem with my body wanting to fall backwards. If I lose balance I am in for a fall.
In three months time I was once was grocery shopping and hanging onto the cart. My head took a spin and I fell backwards hanging onto the cart. Landing on my tail bone with instant pain. Luckily my husband had to hold the cart to keep it from falling on me. My tail bone was very sore for 3 wks.
all together I ended falling 5 times in 3 months.
In those three months my hands have become numb with very little feeling. I drop things all the time. Now when I cook or bake I have become quite the mess. Takes me for ever to clean up my kitchen. My husband will sometimes clean up my mess for me.
The changes I have gone through in 3 months time has me concerned.
I have for sure gained what is called short time memory. I have this occasionally.
Thee are more things going on but I will stop there.
I guess my progress is coming on fast. I do nothing to help it of course. Well so far I am like all ataxi victims. I sit and wait for the next change coming. until then I figure life could be worse. Until my next changes I am done.


Hang in there I see big things coming down the pipeline for 2018

I know change is very frustrating but all you can do is deal with what current symptoms you have.

Unfortunately not everyone understands and they have a hard time dealing with disability. I keep trying to let people know that assistive devices (canes, walkers, wheelchairs) are what people use it’s not who they are. These devices are no different than your shoes, coats, cars, clothes, etc.

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