Acid reflux

I have sca and have difficulty with swallowing and digesting, i eat a healthy gluten free diet, but have a problem with acid reflux . Is this one of the problems associated wirth ataxia? Does anyone suffer from the same problem and if you do, could you suggest anything which may help.

Hi Jason😊 I’m often plagued with acid reflux myself, and I know how horrendous
it can be😏 Choking is something else I do, often involuntary even with saliva🙄
At one point I had a camera down to check things out but nothing untoward was

Problems with swallowing can often be helped by advice from a Speech Therapist.
I know that sounds odd but various techniques can be taught which can help🙂
Thickeners can be added to liquids, and it’s possible to get a straw with a valve.

On there’s a Fact Sheet relating to medications, it may be helpful🤔


I have the problem and when my throat closes it is terrifying for a couple of minutes. I was put on omeprizole and it helps some. I find I must eat very carefully because if a particle of food goes down the wrong way it starts the closing of the airway. I have been having my throat stretched every 6 months or so. I got a new GI doctor and a few days ago when I went in I don’t think he stretched at all, my throat was not irritated like before. I had a flourascope done yesterday for swallowing and I am waiting to see outcome.

The type of foods may have something to do with it. It might be something wrong with the opening to your stomach. You might want to follow up with your doctor to find out what is going on.

Hi Jason, I am on a prescription medication for acid reflux which helps - prevacid. But swallowing is really difficult, I have a coughing fit with nearly every meal. I eat very slowly and carefully. I saw a speech therapist and had an x-ray and they said my tongue had weak muscles and was likely a symptom of ataxia. So food does not go down as easily. What I took away from this is to make sure I have swallowed properly before taking another bite. They suggested a sip of water between bites. I hope this information is helpful. Good luck.

Perhaps what I’ve been doing will also help others. 1) take HCL with each meal: you might need to experiment on the quantity per meal. 2) drink some GT’s Kombucha to introduce good bacteria into your stomach 3) wait at least three hours before lying down 4) sleep with a pillow wedge (it’ll lift your head above stomach by seven inches) 4) avoid bending over to do tasks, like gardening for three hours after eating. I’ve been doing all of the things I’ve mentioned and I’m out of the distress.

I have severe acid reflux and know how scary it is. I use omeprizole daily, but sometimes I forget or it is not enough. I have found that drinking cider vinegar with Mother’s in it (Mother’s is important to read on the label–health food stores or I have found it at Publix (regular super market) right with the other cider vinegars-- fixes it right away! Best to drink before eating. I mix just about a tablespoon with just about an ounce of GOOD tasting cider or pineapple juice so it doesn’t taste so bad. It is worth the bad taste, though–as it works!

Most acid reflux is due to either an over or under growth of beneficial bacteria. Another cause can be a sliding hernia…that’s what I found I have after a 2 a.m. Scare that felt like a heart attack…so, in addition to using HCI I now sleep on an inclined wedge pillow. It’s also helped stop snoring! The use of Ominprezole (sp) will cause more difficulties in the long term…that’s according to the ‘they’ of newest research. JD

Jason , my husband was having acid reflux, it was pretty bad we tried everything . A friend told us to try melatonin , to our surprise it actually worked. He hasn’t had a problem since he started taking it. Hope this helps.