Ataxian throat problem

I’ve just accidentally discovered that certain foods can make swallowing easier or harder - and the need to clear you r throat. The one that makes it harder is dairy food especially cheese and the one that makes it easier is voice tablets - that is proper voice tablets, not cheap ones. Depending on where you live, different shops will have them but if you can’t find one, try vocalzone website based in UK (where I live) which ships world wide.

Swallowing liquids had been a problem for me with SCA-6 . I have to be aware and very careful when drinking liquids.

Never heard of the product before. Think I will try it. It is sold on Amazon, drugstores, etc. My voice, because of my Ataxia for over 20 years is soft, hoarse and deep.

I can’t hear my own voice - but I know that I run out of breath sometimes and the last few words all come out in a rush. People also tell me it comes out as “Garbage, garbage, garbage.”

I’ve been told that I speak very softly, but to me it seems normal volume. One of the problems with this is I often feel ignored, as though I haven’t spoken at all :hushed: My husband says I need to speak a bit louder, but then I’m inclined to either shout :face_with_raised_eyebrow: or really emphasise my speech, which can be wrongly interpreted :grimacing: xB

I can identify with that. I presume we just can’t muster enough breath to speak normal - even though we think we’re using all the air in our lungs (which probably isn’t much because we have the same problem breathing in).
How about giving people a presentation (Power Point or similar) - about anything. Include plenty interesting pictures and entertaining cartoons. You won’t be ignored then. Or send it to them by email. Or maybe put it on this site - er, are we allowed to do that?

Anything goes here just as long as it isn’t blatantly offensive, or too contentious. If anybody is in doubt just refer to the site guidelines :slightly_smiling_face: xB

I quit eating dairy and refined sugar and my swallowing, choking, difficulty with coughing while speaking, pretty much went away. Only notice it now when I eat things with certain types of vinegar or I have something very sweet, like honey or maple syrup. And I do notice right away when I eat dairy (holidays and travel make it harder to avoid) that I’m having to clear my throat a lot. It was really a pronounced change, as my family noticed within two weeks that I was no longer coughing constantly at the dinner table. I see lots of other health benefits from giving up refined sugar, which is no easy feat, but. I will not go into all that.

Overdoing certain food seems to affect my symptoms too, but then at one time I was diagnosed with Candidiasis, which can actually bring on Neurological symptoms similar to Ataxia :neutral_face: In fact it can cause problems anywhere in the body, as can any food sensitivity. I was advised to cut out yeasty products and refined sugar, because these sort of things feed Candida. This particular condition can effect both Men and Women, and can be vastly alleviated by a change of diet.
It is known that Ataxia patients may benefit by avoiding simple carbohydrates ( almost all sugary treats), and foods containing Nutra Sweet. Interestingly, freshly baked bread is also on the list of things to avoid.
There is a FACT SHEET, see :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Interesting info. about dairy. I’ve noticed that cheese and esp. yogurt cause a lot of issues with clearing my throat. Also, I find that Mucinex helps on days when I feel like I have too much thick saliva building up in my throat.

Hi Cross Eyes,
Thanks for telling us (me) about those throat drops you use. I cough A LOT, especially while drinking thin liquids like water. My swallowing is highly compromised with food too. I’ve tried thickeners in liquids and they’re just ok, as I can taste a difference. You can also buy thickened water/juices, etc. online, although I’ve yet to try them! I’ve been trying different things to help my coughing (antacids, nasal spray, etc.), to no avail), as It really tires me out. I’ve also seen ENT specialist (ear, nose and throat) and a pulmonary specialist and am at my whits end with this! Anyway, I’m going to try the throat drops you recommended to see if I can get a bit of relief. I ordered two packages of Volcozone tablets online today, so I shall see if they help. Can’t hurt, may help…,ha! Again, thank you so much!!! My best to you…, ;o)