This is more a question for everyone. Has anyone ever had their amino acid levels checked?

No but very interested to see what replies you get :)

No I haven't.


I had $2000 worth of tests (antibodies mostly, but heavy metals too) and my aminos were off so I took a custom blend of aminos for 6 months. Sorry to report, It made no difference in my cerebellum ataxia. I did 2 years of acupuncture, 2 years of chiropractic, took $200 worth of supplements for 2 years, had weekly Reiki, tried raindrop therapy with oils, etc, Nothing cured me but I have had symptoms for 8 years and I am still walking on my own so maybe all this alternative stuff is slowing the progress of the disease!

No, I have not. That opens up a whole new avenue that I had not considered before. Thanks!-Randall

I was diagnosed with ataxia eleven years ago. At that time I had blood work done. If amino acids are tested with blood work, I may have (?), but I don't know for certain. My next appointment with my neuro is in January, 2015, so I'll check then. Forgive my asking, but what is/may be significant about amino acids? ;o)

No but that’s an interesting new avenue.

No, but I am interested. Do you have any reference to push for our own research. Unfortunately the neurros do not(can not?) try untested and unapproved ideas. Also, the insurances are very strict about covering our curiosities. I am still interested in referenced writings. -silky