Altered state of consciousness

HI,could anyone please tell me if having an episodic attack leads to an altered state of consciousness or not.I have EA2. I've already contacted ataxia uk about this.the girl on the helpline said she will ask her medical advisors and get back to me.which could take a week or I just wanted to ask anyone out there,if they could give me their opinions on this.when I have a bad attack(like last night),I experience the following symptoms.loss of balance,co-ordination,slurred speech,dizziness,sometimes vertigo,nausea,digestion problems,light headedness,double vision.......hope this all just asking for peoples opinions on this.I know its the neurologist that I should ask.but I don't see him for a few I just wanted some advice now.......thanks.....folky.....

Hi Folky,

did you want to express that during your bad attack you experienced the symptoms "loss of balance, co-ordination..." and now fear to get an altered state of consciousness, or do you experience such an altered state and now ask yourself if the EA2 attack has caused it? "Altered state of consciousness" can be different experiences and states, from seeing UFOs to just being excited..

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I agree that you have to define the altered state a little better, Being off balance and dizzy 24/7 leaves me in an altered state all the time could be something as being simply dehydrated to something worse way too many things could be going on.......

Anyway it would be very useful to have a concept about the things running in oneself and how to cope with them. If "state of mental alteration" or "altered state of consciousness" - in my impression we have got these expressions all out from the literature, - these are not our own.

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in my case yes, mostly since I have two different stages to my ataxia, as I think most people do. there's just normal imbalance and then if i'm under duress, i have trouble speaking, my hearing is off, i'm more unbalanced than usual and so on.

Nothing about ataxia surprises me anymore! I have my ataxia 24/7, and am all over the page in terms of degrees. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and still have no idea why my symptoms fluctuate so much. I was extremely tired the other day, so I took a 3 hour nap. I felt worse when I woke up as before I went to sleep...,what's up with that? In terms of an altered state of consciousness, I feel overwhelmed by things going on around me, and have a difficult time focusing. ;o)

During a bad attack, I share all of the symptoms you list, with the exception of the digestion issues. I also get very confused ; having a hard time following any conversation at all. BTW, I have gluten ataxia; and deal with chronic motion sickness; headaches and imbalance on a daily basis. Makes life a bit challenging; but try to roll with it as much as possible.

Wish you well.

Hi Folky,

I believe it can. I haven't been given info as to what kind I have, and doubt having it at times. I wasn't sure until I came to this amazing group. Reading your letter, I have all but one of your symptons "nausea".

Also I have total gapes in memory , things of importance that I contributed to in conversion . I have no recall what ever, It doesn't happen often . I am looking forward to hearing your replies , because I haven't mentioned it to my Neuro. Dr.

I couldn't understand how I could have it because the symptons don't last. It makes so much sense after your words.

Good Luck. Lassie-Elena

You may be experiencing the fun of GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). All of your symptoms can be caused by a panic attack. For me all it takes is a little stress and I feel like I'm on another planet. Vertigo, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea etc. all caused by my stupid brain triggering a huge release of adrenalin. Its oh so fun when it happens while shopping,lol

Depression and anxiety were probably the first symptoms I had with regards to ataxia about 10 years ago. I started having the physical symptoms with balance etc. about 2 years ago. Anyone else's ataxia start out that way?

Hi Folky,

I just asked my fiance who also has episodic ataxia - I read him your post - and he said, "no pink elephants and no hallucinations" - but definitely he has had all the symptoms you described. If the "loopiness" is an "altered state" - then I assure you - he feels that way at times. We've got special words now to indicate moments in time when the "craziness" appears... and truthfully, we acknowledge the symptom(s) and do our best to laugh it off - because what's the alternative???

I just keep counting my blessings...he comes out of the situation at some point and feels somewhat normal again...