Another question

If my disease is hereditary as my kids have a chance to be healthy? I read more information about it but I want to know precisely.

Hi Aliona, I have four children and the older they get the more I find myself watching for signs to see if they might have it. It's a worry but hopefully it might not affect them. I would not dream of having them tested. I don't want them to start thinking about it. I think leave them alone and pray it passes them by. I would hate to think I passed it on to them. Keep your kids healthy by keeping it out of their heads. That's only my thought on it. I hope and wish you and your children well. And keep asking questions, That's how we learn.

Hi Aliona,

As far as I know, the answer is yes, of course there is a chance. I have three kids, they are twenty five, twenty eight and twenty nine. So far, they all appear to have problems with coordination. That doesn't mean they will all have the disease, or even be affected with it the same way I am.