Any advice from people with sca 6

Since finding out I’m having a hard time coming to deal with it

I’m trying to find out if it happens similar ages within families .

Has anyone missed out on the gene in their family.

How slowly does it progress ?

It doesn’t matter what type. Ataxia can: be idiopathic or hereditary, give you what symptoms it wants and the symptoms progress at whatever rate they want.

We all get frustrated at times. This website is a great place to vent.

Looking back: my dad had it (that’s how I found out I had it), but my brother and my son do not. I was concerned about my son and the neurologist told me not to get him tested unless he had symptoms.

Oh yeah! If it’s hereditary, people can be missing the gene and not show any symptoms.

Thank you . I know just wondering if people with sca 6 there family all had it develop at same age as sca 6 is not meant to have early onset . So my partners mam and nana both got it at 60 just hoping that will be same for my partner if that makes sense x

The thing with genetics is that you don’t always get it at all, it is possible to be completely clear too. The ‘odds’ depend on whether it’s recessive or not - gets complicated to explain if you haven’t studied the subject!

It’s dominant so 1 in 2 chance I feel like I’ve read everything up on it but still so unsure if that makes sense.