Anxiety problems

Does anyone have anxety problems with ataxia

Funny you should post this but last evening hubby was saying he felt something like an "anxiety attack". He wonders about the remainder of his life. He is close to the age of his mother & brothers passing from the same disorder.

We talked about his feelings. So to answer your question, I'd answer yes for him.

I would say yes. It is a little anxiety provoking to be out in public and not be able to walk or talk well.

drc, I have been diagnsed with "mild Ataxia" and have always had anxiety form the time I can remember as a child. I am 77 and have found many tools to handle it. Mine seems to be related to diet and gluten. However, it could be related to glutenataxia as well. I will have to think about it. I may have been born with both and it is genetic. I will ask my neurologist. Thanks for bring up this topic as i had never thought of it before.

I asked neurologist several years ago if anxiety attacks were due to ataxia and she said, no.

However, everyone person I have asked [with ataxia] has said that they suffer same symptoms as me.

I have hypnotherapy and still use self hypnosis on my laptop to control anxiety but I still get panicky 'after' an event... you know those 'what if''' moments ?

JC, Thanks for this info. Have you taken it? What are the side effects?

Hello drc,

I would think that any chronic and serious condition/disease would bring anxiety. We do not know what lies in the future. Any new symptom brings fear and anxiety in a lot of us.
People with stroke fear a second one, people with cancer fear metastasis, people with ataxia fear the loss of more and more of their physical and mental abilities…
Then you have the ones who are just anxious by nature.

Talking to a therapist might help you because talking to a stranger is sometimes easier than your loved ones. We do not want to worry them, and we try to play down our feelings.
If depression really sets in,an anti-depressants also might help.

Just my non professional opinion. Best wishes to you.

Patsy, I know the "what if" moments you mention. I feel anxious almost always unless I am doing something creative or walking in nature. I love to cook and that puts me on a different planet. I also meditate and do deep breathing. The gluten-free diet has helped too. I am more anxious when I eat sugar. So far, I haven't seen any sharings about the damaged immune system and inflammation that must be at the bottom of ataxia. I know sugar is bad for my inflammation and makes me more anxious, so i avoid it.

jc, Thanks for sharing. I am anti-meds but seriously looking at the alternatives. I will talk to my neurologist about this.

Thanks jc for all your input.

i hv been taking lexapro/citalopram for years for anxiety/depression.

Huge anxiety problems. I get around pretty well at home, but out in public all my ataxia symptoms get much worse. I feel that everyone is watching me or judging me or even worse, pitying me. This turn fuels my anxiety which makes my ataxia worse, which in turn ups my anxiety… Vicious circle.

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mas, Do you notice any side effects? On a scale of 1-10 how effective is it please?

Yes most defininetly. I have myoclonus as well and if I get an anxiety attack I start jerking my arms and tremoring. I take klonapin to sleep but it is my system and i take a half of one as needed to keep me from going into an anxiety attack.

Hi Jadita
Yes the anxiety does have large side effect its driving me up the wall on a scale from 1to10 I would say a 8. I think about bad things all the time

I went to the councellor about depression again.My point was I was fighting a progressive disease and all the things suggested are physical which is why I went in the first place.I am not very good about losing my dignity.Mindfulness was suggested but I know all the theory but not very good at the I know where I want to be but am finding it difficult to get there.I think many of us are in a unique position and blanket theories won't work.I am willing to give everything a try though I remain cynical.There is emotional pain not just physical.A good question though.

Constantly …


No side effects. 8 on scale. i'm taking 20mg daily. it works.

Judita said:

mas, Do you notice any side effects? On a scale of 1-10 how effective is it please?

Yes for anxiety/depression.

I am taking Cymbalta (60 mg twice per day) with Konipin (1 mg at bedtime if needed).

It seems to be working, though I only recently increased the Cymbalta.


Dear Drc, I do suffer from a bit of anxiety. It's probably due to having to always "think" about my ataxia, as it affects me physically, as well as psychologically..., ;o)