Any advice on getting Cardio vascular excorsize

Its kinda hard to get heart rate up and burn calories when running, biking even treadmill is not possible.

Weight lifting is ok but does not raise heart rate or burn many calories. Low impact ideas? What does any one else do? Any particular home machines with low crash and burn potential. Interested in gaining leg strength, stamina and dropping a few lbs. Wife got me a treadmill however cannot go beyond 0.3 on a 10.0 scale (shuffle) but the bars help for that. Swimming?

On good days, elevated pace walking may be an option but I can trip on a grain of sand, freeze for no reason and fall forward almost as if a normal person is walking on ice. Sometimes I tell myself to turn or veer left or right and my center of mass will not change resulting in a crash. As if your brain knows what to do, tells everything else to go left or right but it simply doesn't happen and I am on the ground.

Anyone else? CV and colorie burn is so required I think, especially for recent weight gain. Pls mention what you have found for home machines or improvised ideas. I thought about a ceiling anchored waist belt for the treadmill. All input appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

This sounds crazy. I can't walk on the treadmill but I can use the elliptical.

There is quai gong, which is a form of tai chi done while sitting in a chair.

In rehab facilities, they'll often use 'bike peddles' to work the upper arms in order to get a cardio workout for folks who are too unsteady on their feet.

I do PT, swimming and something called "Ageless Grace". I work on cardio stuff but I also do exercises specific for my core and just overall. I've found the more you keep active the better you are. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you keep moving. The PT helps me walk and move better and how to hold myself when I'm doing certain things. The therapist has been more help than I ever thought possible. If you do this make sure they work with neuro patients not orthopedic. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I’ve found a rowing machine very useful. Because you sit down it’s better to manage and you can burn a lot of calories.

Hi, S wayman

I was a runner for 35 years and after my stroke (which caused the ataxia) I could not walk or run. I learned to walk again (very wobbly). So, now, I try to walk a mile as fast as possible every day, outdoors in the morning and on my treadmill a half mile in the afternoon. Also, how about a recumbent bicycle? Can you pedal? The arm bike is good too! I got a very good one on line and my husband built a little table for it and screwed it on. If you do this fast, it can get your heart going. :slight_smile:

Also, in rehab, they had a harness hanging from the ceiling and I went on the treadmill. No danger of falling. But I don’t think they have those for home use…

Call a PT office and see what they might suggest. They are very imaginative when it comes to torturing their patients :wink:

If walking is a problem for you, consider this tip from Jack, a gentleman on this website who used a “baby jogger” which is a stroller with 3 wheels used by Moms or Dads who like running with their babies. Remove the seat and put a weight (to replace the baby and keep the stroller stable). No danger of falls and it works perfectly. I got one and I really enjoy it. You feel very secure walking as fast as you can. Works much better than a walker because of the large size of the wheels.

Good luck to you in finding something you can do.


i did pilates for like 6 months, i really enjoy doing sit ups and crunches

Dear s wayman, I purchased an Access Active Rollator on Amazon and LOVE it! I keep it in the back opf my SUV, as I'm able to use it for pleasure walking outside. It has two large wheels in the front and two smaller ones in the back. It's very stable and easy to use. It has a seat which also opens with a removable basket. You can adjust the handle height, as well as lock the wheels if you want top sit. Also, there are two brakes on the handles. When using it, I can really whip along quite fast, as I feel very safe and secure! It was designed in Norway and made in China. ;o)

Try a stationary bike and peddle for a 1/2 an hour. You will sweat!!! Separately running/jogging in place if your legs can take it for 1/2 an hour. Also causes sweating.

I was a physical trainer for over 20years. I have several herniated areas on my spine as well as ataxia. Definitely keep using the treadmill at what pace is safe for you. You need to keep that motion and maximize the ability you still have to walk at all.

Now for raising your heart rate. I must be VERY careful about what I do and how long I do it. I can feel like King Kong after a mild workout but cannot walk the next day. I have been able to do this machine at my gym, Lifetime Fitness. If money is no object for you maybe you can buy one for home. It is very similar to the body position of a RECUMBENT bike. That is the kind where you are seated but your legs are out in front of you, not underneath your hips. The motion of the machine is like a straight push with your legs instead of a circular motion. You simply sit and push one leg while the other leg bends, the knee coming toward the chest, then visa versa. I can tolerate that one for 20 minutes max. If you can tolerate the circular motion of pedaling, the recumbent bike could be for you. They also make what is equivalent to just the pedals on a small frame that you can buy and put in front of a chair.

So much for the machine, now the WAY you attack the exercise. Your heart rate will be more apt to rise if you use either a cyclical approach or an interval type workout. With the interval training, pedal at a rate that will tire you out in one to two minutes, when your heart rate elevates and you cannot continue the pace, slow down and pedal at a lower rate until you are recovered(your heart rate) then start back at the higher revolutions. Continue that up and down intensity, letting your heart rate guide you, until you reach the time limit you want to spend.

Cyclical training is similar to interval. Where interval is high, then low intensity, cyclical is everything you have and nothing. Sit on your machine, pedal as hard and fast as you can until your heart rate comes up.(usually less than a minute if not less than 30 seconds). Once your heart rate reaches whatever level you pre-determine you stop pedaling completely. Rest until your heart rate comes down to your resting level or close and then immediately begin another cycle of all out effort, then repeat the All out/rest cycle up to but not beyond seven times. When you begin this, you might only be able to do 2 cycles. Give yourself a break. This is difficult training. Your cycles will increase with time. Like I said, DO NOT go beyond seven cycles. The benefit does not increase beyond 7. Hope this helps-Randall

I ride a recumbent trike which keeps me fit and healthy, i use a heart moiniter so i dont push myself,you whant to stay at low impact to burn calories, if you doing high intensity work outs, your body will just burn carbs and protein(muscle) you need to teach your body to burn fat so keep it low intensity, this is wear the heart rate mointer helps. Also lower your calorie intake(sugers and fats) says the chocaholic.

Great advice, Jason! ;o)