Anyone taking gabapentin?

I have EA2 and I started to get slurred speech 3 to 4 times a day. I usually only got slurred speech when I was having a bad episode . So far the gabapentin is helping somewhat.
Curios to see if anyone else is getting this and on this drug.

I started it about 3 weeks ago. I am seeing a slight improvement in numbness but not in balance. I hope there will be more improvement in time. I have an unknown type of SCA.

I take gabapentin but not for those symptoms. I’m glad you are at least getting some relief from using it. I take it for a somewhat painful twitch in my leg. It doesn’t happen much anymore.

I was on gabapentin years ago and I realized it was not appearing to help any, so I asked if it was OK to take a higher dose and the response was yes. A new doctor stopped me from a higher dose so I just quit taking any at all and no changes. I like to be able to feel an improvement with most drugs or I don’t stay on them.

Hi there, aturtle2! Great discussion started here. You may also want to go to the spotlight in the turquoise band above, and key in gabapentin and see what comes up.

Thank you Seenie. I can’t seem to find “spotlight” in the turquoise bar. Can you give me a little more direction? Thank you.

Ok I did a search and found another discussion on gabapentin. Thanks

I take it for nerve pain

Only had people around me that take it. Personally I’m was VERY glad they quit so have been subjected to it Very negatively but there’s are lot of different nerve meds to take and this one may work for u. I do take pain meds but do to cancer treatment.
But do know many do have side effects like shaking more so do homework. I do believe Gabapentin doesn’t have as many side effects. It was made for amputee’s so works well for my brother in law (lost left leg in car accident)

I take gabapentin.I have been on it going on 3years.It helps with nerve pain.But have not noticed it helping with anything esle.Take it every six hours.