Appointmet at dentist


I've CA for 12 years and now I've tooth caries and I want to visit dentist to treat it,

but problem is that if my mouth is long opened with connection with some pain.

Well than is my head shaking, (head tremor) so I don't know what to do and want simply get my tooth treated (drilled)as quickly as normal ones. I prefer not to have some narcosis.

So do you experiences or advices what to do? Thanks.

You might try sedation

I would think that if you explain things with your dentist, they will know what to do to maximize your comfort. Good luck

I just came back from the dentist and had root canal treatment on one tooth, a molar. I dont have quite the problems that you have but I did notice how discombobulating CA can be at the dss's. clinic. Simple things like getting into the chair is something which requires thought. So I vote for advice received by both "Rose" and "Bob". Of course sedation requires some special training, I think. Is there such a thing as a visiting dentist or special dentists who only see the disabled?

I would say, make that appointment!. When you talk to the scheduler, explain your specific worries, so that can be conveyed to your dentist ahead of the appointment, giving him/her time to consider how to approach your situation. Let your dentist decide what to do. Healthy teeth and gums are important to your overall health.

See if your dentist can use sedation. Keeping your teeth and gums in good health is one of the things that may improve your symptoms. Also make sure they aren’t using mercury amalgams. I’ve even had testing to see what common dental fillings I’m allergic to. Find a conscientious & good dentist.

There are many things that will relax you and steady your head..So when phoning for an appointment with the Dentist explain your condition.Don't forget Dentists have to work with small frightened children,scared and frail elderly etc.So you'll be a piece of cake,I'm sure..Ozzy :-)<

Call the dentist and explain your situation. If he cares he will be willing to help you so you can get your teeth taken care of. Contact them when or before you make the appointment. Don't just show up and have them come up with something last minute. Let them determine the best way for you and the dentist.

If you're comfortable with this dentist then contact him, if you're not sure call a few dentists and see what they suggest.

Just a note of self, my dentist,/ hygienist is very aware of my situation and books me for more time, letting me take time out as I need it and adjusting the chair for my needs,

I have Dystonia so uncontrolled movement is a problem, the head moves to the right and the right arm can throw things and hit people,,, again my dentist, works and sit in different place than the normal of his clients,,, Depending on what he's doing will have an assistance help out, we work as a team.

there was one time the movement was so bad that we had to cancel, they wee very good about it, it was more my issues than theres.

for me talking and letting them know my needs, help for both of us

hope you get your able to work out this tooth problem

good luck Mach6

Thank you,

4 your advices, I hope it will be good.