Dental procedures

Hi everyone!

I still have ataxia. Let’s call it ataxia light for now. I had a muscle biopsy when my ataxia was really bad and it really kicked me in the butt for almost two months. My muscles were very atrophied, so the incision was large and deep.

I am scheduled to have my lower molar and upper bicuspid removed on Thursday. I am afraid because sometime I have brain pain and sometimes it feels like my brain is being squeezed. Do you all suffer more than normal (b4 ataxia). Do you think it will be too much for me? I really need dentures and that’s why I am having the teeth pulled out.

My ataxia was chemical induced (minocycline), recovery is slow, sometimes there are setbacks.

Does anybody else suffer from dehydration? Constantly drinking water and peeing? Even though my tests do not show dehydration, I am.

Good morning, I suffer from what I call the lower back of my head being squeezed.Irritating to say the least." I have an upper plate and what you may not realize is, with there being tissue there for the dentures to rest on they will swell.Regardless of what any Denist will say. And my upper lip goes numb.I heard 1 time..." are you a hair lip now?" I don't mean to scare you, Im just being honest with what has happened to me.

My Ataxia was alcoholism induced. And poor eating habits

I read this in one of Ataxia UK branch newsletters and thought you might be interested
Quote, If you have to go to hospital and have an operation, try to avoid having a general anaesthetic. Unfortunately, my Dad had a fairly routine operation, but died from complications due to aspirating in the recovery room. This was because his throat muscles weren't very strong and the doctors had not realised that people with ataxia have this problem. They told us that if other members of the family with ataxia had to have an operation, be certain that the anaesthetist is very aware of the weakness and does not remove tubes too early. Unquote

I just recently went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. The polish they used on the teeth put me in a lot of pain. My mouth, tongue, and lips were on fire until the next day. However, when I had an endoscopy, I was OK when they put me under. I use to have terrible brain pain but once I started B12 shots it has gone away. I suffered with it for many years. It was because I have Pernicious Anemia. I do have dry mouth all the time. It's from all my meds. I use Biotene tooth paste and mouthspray, chew gum when I am out and about, and always have water with me. Sometimes it gets so bad I feel like I am choking. FYI dry mouth is really bad for your teeth and gums.

Hi,i want a tooth implant on my bottom row of teeth,also i would like to have the bottom row whitened as well,i have a top denture and because they are ok in color,i wanted the bottom to match the top!!Phew,get all that?

Does anyone think this will affect my Ataxia? i have ca and my appearence is important more than ever.

Be very grateful for any feedback. Thanks.Sheila.