Aquried Ataxia

I have been trying to discover more information about aquried ataxia for about a year.
I had a stroke and heart attack in 2010 so I know the cause, if I could find out more about any things to help me, maybe I could then use my Insight to help others.
I have got a bit better,I can feed myself now,before I I couldn’t even hold piece of toast,I use ipad now rather then laptop,etc. Know it’s going to be long process,but maybe you have to start from bottom up and meet in middle.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Kati Lea knows a lot about recovering muscle use.

Read back through her blogs - she is all wrapped up with her new puppy at the moment. :)

Hi Kim. Mine is also acquired. I have found that alterations to diet and exercise have helped me tremendously. Going gluten-free and doing pilates every morning has really helped me. There is the moderator on here name Jeannie, she is absolutely wonderful with ideas. My speech was affected and I found it helpful trying to sing faster songs have really helped me. I hope you do well on your path!

Hi and welcome to the blog. My Cerebellar Ataxia appears to be the result of Aortic Valve replacement
Surgery - that damaged the small blood vessels of my Cerebellum. Get some PT and work on Balance and Core Strength. My Cardiologist referred me to a Neurologist at MAYO-JAX thinking my symptoms where the result of TIA’s or a Stroke. Testing showed otherwise.

Remember - Just because you can’t today - Doesn’t mean you can’t tomorrow!!!

hi Kim,

i have hereditary SCA2. if you go to gene reviews you can research almost any disease.


This is the first site I have found which has drawn people with acquired ataxia"…nice to find others with similar backgrounds. I had an aneurysm burst in my brain which caused ataxia. Fortunately .I am still here
At 77, and can enjoy my 6 grandchildren growing up. Ataxia is for the pits… But it does get better…
Jilll Winslow


Yes I have my hands full at the moment training my puppy up to be my next assistance dog as my current one needs to retire asap.

This was my blog on how I regained control over my muscles.

I haven't had as much time for exercising on the wii fit but have kept up with the passive training and thats the one that makes the difference over involuntary muscle control.

After nearly 2yrs since I started it now I have also had a slight improvement in speech for been able to get single words out a bit clearer but still struggle with longer sentences leaving me breathless and people struggling to understand what I am saying to them.

I have also been able to use crutches in the garden with the puppy for short periods.