Anyone else out there have ARCA?

Hi there Donna,

No, I don't have this, but...Funny that you should inquire about ARCA -- because there was a post on the NAF e-bulletin board in the Recessive Folder yesterday on the more specific ARCA1 (SCAR8). I suggested that the woman look into the Friedreich's Ataxia parent discussion group -- reason being that discussions may deal with teens/young adults who have a recessive ataxia (the group covers more than just FA, I understand). Here is the link:

Hope this helps.

I actually have ARCA-1!!! I’ll check out the e-board.

Fantastic, Donna! Thanks so much for replying to her and connecting ! :)

I too have a link with the mutated gene Syne1-ARCA1-SCAR8.