Ataxia 12

I have EPISODIC ATAXIA 2 and I find sometimes I become very forgetful and forget about taking my tablets and as time goes by my balancing and coordination goes some days is better then others

:smirk: Tracy, I feel certain most people, no matter which ataxia they have, would say memory isn’t what it used to be. I’ve often intended to do something, and it seems almost as soon as I’ve turned around, the thought is forgotten :expressionless: The other day, for a couple of hours I left milk out of the fridge in full view, I just didn’t notice it :roll_eyes: Ataxia definitely affects Cognition and Emotion.

With Episodic Ataxia, you likely will notice a pattern, where most symptoms follow a cycle. If you can recognise this sort of thing happening, it could be helpful to put reminders (for medication) in obvious places. For example beside the Kettle, adjacent to something you definitely use on a daily basis :thinking: Also, keeping medications in a special dispenser, which has compartments for different days, can help :thinking: Just don’t forget where you put it :wink: xB

When it comes to memory, I have to put things by the front door so I don’t forget to take them the next day. What other things do you do?

Thanks for your comments I do put my tablets in a container with days and time seven days a week and my sister is my carer and I just wanted to make her understand but its ok now thanks for that

:thinking: I tend to make notes, and stick them in full view, hoping I don’t ignore them like I did with milk :wink: Although, I have to admit that even leaving medication in full view is no guarantee that I’ll think about taking it :smirk:

It seems that (for me) once I do recall a task that needs doing, if I don’t act on that thought straightaway, I may as well forget it was important in the first place :smirk: It may well re-enter my head later but by then it’s too late. Ataxia can play funny tricks on Cognition and Emotion, there are times when my patience is at a particularly low ebb, and nearest and dearest haven’t picked up on it :grimacing: For anybody who is interested, there is a FACT SHEET which explains all this on :slightly_smiling_face: xB

I joke that my brain has Swiss Cheese holes in it! Because of my memory issues now I have to write everything down and even use a to-do list app on my phone. For medications, I set an alarm on my phone to remind me :slight_smile: The times I stray from this system are the times I forget things. LOL