Memory and attitude

I have had SCA2 for 2 1/2 to 3 years. I am 31, but I feel like I am getting pretty forgetful about names, and questions people have answered, and I have a hard time remebering whether I told people stuff. Does this forgetfulness have anything to do with SCA2?

Another thing I notice is my attitude. Its like I have pms all the time. Does this have to do with SCA2?

Hi twentdownunder:)

All of us here will struggle with variable memory and noticeable changes attitude, it’s par for the course across the range of Ataxias. I have SCAR8, and feel the same :slight_smile:

For me, saying an inappropriate word to describe something, because the correct one just won’t come to mind, is embarrassing :slight_smile: Recently, I’ve found myself asking the same question because as soon as I was told the answer, I simply forgot, put it right out of my mind…

Everybody needs to understand that there are going to be changes in our mode of thinking, we aren’t going to be able to grasp other people’s meaning automatically anymore. This doesn’t mean our mind shuts down, it just takes longer to process things.

My attitude and emotion can vary according to how much stress I’m coping with. I found it difficult enough before ataxia kicked in, it was like PMS, for me anyway. Then, when disorientation and brain fog took a hold along with the basic ataxia symptoms, making even the most basic decisions was traumatic.

It’s pretty common for Neurologists to recommend antidepressants, I can sense people rolling their eyes and thinking ‘no, definitely not for me’ :slight_smile: All I can say is, a minimum dose has turned my life around, panic for the most part has left the building :slight_smile: I can function, I couldn’t before.

Everybody should read the fact sheet ‘Cognition and Emotion’. This can be found on


Thanks I’ll read that.

My memory can be awful at times and it used to get my family very mad at me because they would tell me plans for something and I would forget. I have emotional instability as well and when I get very upset and stressed my movement disorders (ataxia and dystonia) get much worse. I hate having ataxia, I was a very smart, successful business owner who was respected by friends and family. Now I get very little respect from some family and have very few friends. The only good thing about having a health problem is that it lets you see people as who they really are.