Ataxia awareness week

Morning all
Woke up this morning to am email from Professor Mario’s Had from Sheffield Neouro
Asking permission for my story to be realised to national press and a photograph may be needed for ataxia awareness
So excited folks he’s a wonderful man

Great - Fantastic

International Ataxia Awareness Day (IAAD) is 25th September - every year

I go to see Dr. Marios H (travel from West Wales)


I have meet you at a support group meeting that he was talking at
I am so excited its brill
He’s a brill man

You are a credit to us Alan
I support Marios and Diane Friend all the way and feel very prevail aged to be under him

TRUE TRUE the clinic in Sheffield is very good.

Thanks, I will be attending the clinic (December) and a meeting soon


Hi Loz!

I'm going to Sheffield tomorrow for an Ataxia meeting and will be meeting Diane Friend.

It's for volunteers, are you going by any chance?

best regards


Good it's always good to reach a bigger audience for understanding and support

Wonderful! Did you write the article?


What great news Loz! ;o)

Well how lovely for you! This is great!
I was there on Tuesday seeing him.
He really is so good and kind.

What will happen with your story? Are you going to be a volunteer for ataxia UK.?
Tell us all about it!

Not sure in medical papers and daily mail will post when it’s going in

No I didn’t Jeannie but will post it when I have official copy

Jeannie Ball said:

Wonderful! Did you write the article?

Looking forward to reading the article.

More awareness of this "Life-Limiting" condition is what we need.


Thanks Alan