Join the International Ataxia Awareness Day Celebration! September 25th, 2012

Join the International
Ataxia Awareness Day
September 25th, 2012
The goal of IAAD is for every individual to participate in some activity, creating awareness about ataxia. You could share something you know about ataxia with one other person who has never heard of ataxia, educate a group of people by speaking at a school or civic group, contact your local media with your story, have a local elected official declare September 25th IAAD in your town, wear your IAAD t-shirt, participate and/or support an IAAD event near you! International Ataxia Awareness Day has grown over the years, and more ideas keep coming in. You can download the 2012 IAAD kit which contains information on how to get involved. Thank you for your support and ataxia awareness efforts!
We welcome you to share your experiences and ask you to submit for NAF's newsletter "Generations" an article on how you celebrated IAAD. Your story gives inspiration and direction to others to get involved in IAAD activities. You can submit your experience to
Virtual Walk n' Roll
Denver Run, Walk n' Roll
Bowling Green, KY Park & Recreation Pull Up Competition
Concord Walk, Roll n' Swim
Minnesota Walk, Stroll n' Roll
Auburn Walk n' Roll
Atlanta Walk n' Roll
Detroit Walk n' Roll
LA/OC Walk n' Roll
Park City, KS Zumba for Ataxia
Berlin, MD BINGO for Ataxia
DE/PA Walk, Roll n' Run
September 29
Northern CA Walk n' Roll & Exercise and Mobility Matters Faire
Tea Time for Ataxia
San Diego Walk n' Roll
Central TX Walk n' Roll
Gilbert, SC Walk, Run n' Roll
More event details events can be found on NAF's Event Calendar

Our local support group will be doing our usual annual wheely wobbly walk.


Hi Jc,
Awareness is the greatest key to the term Ataxia. I wasted one and a halfyears not knowing the problem and it was a bolt from the blue when I knew the meaning of Ataxia. Once I go back to India i will try to Have a small support group.

Our support group will be at Sheffield train station rasing awarness



We will be doing our Wheely Wobbly Walk to mark International Ataxia Awareness Day again this year.

Place: Holiday Inn, Ipswich UK

Date: 29th September, 2012

Time: 2pm


Ataxia UK Ipswich & Colchester Local Support Group Coordinator

I live near Guildford, Surrey, UK and cannot seem to be able to find any groups near to me. Can anybody help? Derek

Have you looked at Ataxia UK website?


great post JC!

The NAF conference is in Denver this year.